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Essay example - Nursing Research and Theory

Health Sciences & Medicine
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Nursing theory has become an important part of nursing discipline and is in equal partnership with nursing research and nursing practice. It is necessary to examine how theory affects and is affected by research and practice within nursing, and philosophy and politics outside nursing…

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In this assignment, comparison of nursing theories of Modeling and Role Modeling, Symphonoloigcal Bioethical Theory, and Cultural Care Theory of Diversity and Universality will be made in order to examine which theory has maximum congruence with practice (Tomey & Alligood, 2006).
Knowledge development in nursing from the phenomenological tradition has been very active during the past two decades, as shown by numerous research articles and books published under this heading. Nursing studies from the phenomenological perspective most often have applied the phenomenological methods developed within the psychological tradition. The issue is how such studies may culminate in middle-range descriptive theories of various human experiences, a question rarely raised by the researchers in phenomenological studies. Many researches use interpretive phenomenology, where context and history are viewed in hermeneutic phenomenology as the frames within which knowledge of people's everyday practices and experiences is gained through interpretations, thus making the knowledge tentative and oriented to understanding. Theories emerging from basic foundations of research must assume a different format from those based on other ontological foci permitting explanation or prediction or both. ...
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