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Nutritional Medicine

The keywords to be used are cortisol, stress, central obesity, diet, exercise and relaxation.
This is a systematic literature review conducted using four electronic databases. The electronic databases used were Pub Med, Highwire, ScienceDirect and Ovid (Medline). The keywords used were cortisol, stress, central obesity, diet, exercise and relaxation.
Obesity is a multidimensional disease that is increasing in prevalence, especially in the Western countries, including the United States and United Kingdom (Flegal, 2002). Many factors have been observed to be related to its etiopathogenesis. One such factor is stress. Stress is thought to influence human eating behaviour and appears to alter overall food intake in two ways, resulting in under- or overeating, which may be related to the severity of stress. Chronic life stress seems to be associated with a greater preference for energy- and nutrient-dense foods, basically those that are high in sugar and fat, contributing to the development of obesity (Torres et al, 2007). ...
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This order is for a proposal, (2500 words in total) for a Degree(Hons) dissertation (8000 words). The template for the proposal is attached with some of the text filled in already. There are obvious gaps that need writing in.
The title is "Does stress induced cortisol contribute to central obesity and can diet, exercise and relaxation have a positive effect A systematic review." This is based on an observation within my clinic where patients have central obesity and are often stressed…
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