Psychology Social Determinants of Behaviour. Assignment 1 Brief Essay.

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Given the importance of others' perceptions in social interaction, we should not be surprised that people keep an eye on how others regard them and, from time to time, try to control the impressions people have of them. The process of controlling how one is perceived by other people is called self - presentation or impression management.


Impression management or self-presentation framework employs a theatrical or dramaturgical metaphor to describe social life. People are actors, taking many roles, attempting to please audiences to win their moral, social, and financial support. Concern for appearances is paramount, thus the social actor engages in many impression management tactics and strategies to avoid looking bad.
In the following essays I would like to discuss the role of self presentation in the life of university students. I will explore the social determinants of students' behavior in order to define the positive and negative aspects of self presentation and impression management strategies. Also I will propose tactics of commonly used behavior for those wishing to succeed in the area of self presentation and to positively impress others.
One of the most common and easiest means of presenting oneself is through verbal statements about one's accomplishments, character, motives, or plans. Such claims affect the evaluations others make by providing them with personal information on which to base their evaluations. ...
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