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Throughout the human lifespan, the schizophrenia disorder has been a basis of bafflement. Initially, people who suffered from schizophrenia were presumed to be infested by evil spirits and were locked up, exiled, tormented or feared forever. Despite progresses in comprehending schizophrenia causes, sequence and treatment, it continues to mystify both the public and health professionals.


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If untreated, the condition may be dangerous and may cause impairments and negatively affect ones relationship with peers or his capacity to study and work. In extreme cases, the disorders may cause problems in performance of routine duties like shopping, playing, and others.

Research Proposal on How sleep effects GPA

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It is imperative to note that college and university students are known to have terrible sleeping habits. Consequently, this results in physiological maladjustments such as sleeping in class, oversleeping, and poor alertness coupled with low memory (Hicks, Fernandez, & Pellegrini, 2001 p.

Memory Test

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Information attended to in the sensory memory moves to the short-term memory (STM). The STM is a temporary storage that allows an individual to hold information while they use it for about 30 seconds; although it is possible to retain the information for slightly longer durations by rehearsing it (Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler, 2008).

Response to “Repress Yourself” By Lauren Slater

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These kinds of people find themselves activities to do since their recovery works via the activities they engage themselves in. The most important part of Slater’s argument is that probably repression is effective amongst “natural repressors” making her definition for repression incompatible with individuals who do not repress well (Slater 48-53).

Unreliable test

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This is more important because if the results are not correct then there is no reason to use them. They will not offer an appropriate conclusion. There are cases where unreliable tests can be valid, for example in the first Gallup Poll conducted, random digit dialing was employed in order to determine the public's opinion of political candidates.

M.A. Forensic Psychology Comprehensive Examination.

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For the purposes of forensic psychology and corresponding treatment, it will be necessary to conduct a number of assessments on JR. A lifestyle assessment will be necessary first and foremost before any therapeutic interventions are prescribed (Rotgers & Maniacci, 2006, p.

What is personality according to Sigmund Freud?

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We analyze behaviors of a large number of people around us. The focus of the analysis is on the behaviors, attitudes, and mindset of a person, which he/she shows in dealing with other people.


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CASE THREE Introduction A Forensic Assessment and Report is usually founded on the quality of information accessed from a number of sources with regards to the client for instance mental and medical health records, criminal and employment records, family as well as school records in addition to other important information.

Psychoanalysis theory and person-centred theory

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Psychoanalysis is based largely upon the work and investigation of Sigmund Freud who held that unacceptable thoughts of childhood were relegated to the unconscious mind but continue to influence a person’s thoughts, emotional states and hence the behavior.

Mentally Challenged People are Entering Our Prisons and Correctional Facilities

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However, principles, approaches and technical advice are also relevant to other forms of compulsory detention.” (Clear, Cole and Reisig 29) The phrase ‘health promoting prison’ covers the prisons in which; “the risks to health are reduced to a minimum; essential prison duties such as the maintenance of security are undertaken in a caring atmosphere that recognizes the inherent dignity of every prisoner and their human rights; health services are provided to the level, and in a professional manner, equivalent to what is provided in the country as a whole; and where a whole-prison approach to promoting health and welfare is the norm.” The continued withdrawal of mental health funding

Evaluating Interview Strategies

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While selecting appropriate interview strategy, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of cognitive interviews, hypnosis and polygraph. Based on these characteristics, their impacts on legal investigations can be determined. The cognitive interviewing is an investigation method through which authorities attempt to deduce necessary information from the witnesses and victims through interviewing.

Reliability and Validity of Personality Testing Paper

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Personality tests are used in other areas such as individual and relationship counseling, as well as career planning and the development of the already existing employees in an organization (House & Johnson, 2002). Personality testing includes the presentation of some tests or questions to individuals, who then responds to such questions based on a rated scale, depending on how such items of the tests reflects their personal behavior.

Project Proposal

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Please submit your completed Ethical Approval Form with TMA 03 (to be approved and signed by your tutor). The form is available on the DD307 course website. Note that you will need to attach the final agreed and signed (by your tutor) form to TMA 04 when you submit it, as evidence of this process.

Stress and Coping

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Stress is when someone’s perceived demands are greater than their ability to cope with the problem. Learning how to cope with stress is extremely important for an individual in order to function in society. Stress has some important concepts, which must be understood before one can learn how to cope with it.

Completing a Clinical Risk Assessment and Implementing a Harm Reduction Plan

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Ken is the first born in a family of four where his parents are alcoholics. After his mother is admitted for surgery, his father abscond his responsibilities and therefore Ken has to take care of his siblings. However, due to stress emanating from the new responsibilities, he ends up with the problem of alcoholism.


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This will allow Lisa and I to establish the problem or need to be dealt with the earliest. Most times, addicts systems have more than one problem or pending need. I must be able to reassess the problems-person-environment and be conscious of my relationship with Lisa.

Treating Sexual Trauma Survivors: Cultural, Ethical, and Legal Issues

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Petrak and Hedge (2002) define rape or sexual abuse as “any non-consensual sexual penetration of an adolescent or an adult obtained by physical force, by threat of bodily harm, or when the victim is incapable of giving consent by virtue of mental illness, mental retardation, or intoxication.” In the case study of Sandra, who underwent counseling caused by her depression issues, it is evident that she confronted some challenges that may trigger her behavioral responses while in the process of undergoing treatment of sexual trauma.

Music Lessons Enchance IQ

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The name of the journal is American Psychological Society published in 2004, Vol 15, No 8, and page numbers 511-513. Question 2: Introduction The Introduction presents existing theories and relevant past research studies providing the bases for the current research problem.

Body Image and the Media

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This has resulted to a negative influence on body esteem. When women are exposed to the thin models and images, they tend to try and imitate what they see so that they can be just as equal to what they have seen and this has clearly caused a psychological discomfort and research should be stipulated so as to reverse the effects of what women have already seen (as cited in Haas, 2012).

Cognitive Development

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In the early XX century, the field of cognitive development mainly focused on existence of abnormal behavior in childhood development. Current understanding of children growth has made people to understand and

Psychology Essay: The Theories of Addiction

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Addiction theories provide sufficient resource to both the drug users and concerned parties. This is because knowledge related to drug abuse is equivalent to knowledge on drug addiction. This implies that understanding addiction theories is essential in understanding reasons why people get addicted to drugs.

Attraction and creativity: will an interest in music be a fitness indicator for men

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20). The theory of sexual selection states that, women should find men who display musical characteristics more attractively (Gabrielsson, 2009, p. 34). Creativity is the condition where, a person associates himself with a specific activity. In the study conducted, males who displayed a liking in music, attracted females at a higher degree than those who displayed a liking in other activities, such as video games.

Case Study: Social Learning Theory

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Case Study: Social Learning Theory A sixteen year old girl commits the heinous crime of murder, albeit as an accomplice rather than in the first degree. She expresses no remorse over her actions when she is caught, is defiant and unmanageable and is found to have multiple injection marks on her arm indicating extended drug abuse.

Brain/Body Connection

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The brain is known to control every action of an individual’s day-to-day life. It is the brain that interprets different situations and dictates the motion of the body towards a particular activity. The manner in which the body of an individual eats, sleeps, perceives, memorizes, gives reasoning, presents a personality, and every other aspects of the human body are the responsibilities of the brain (MacDonald, 2008, pp.1-3).
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