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Throughout the human lifespan, the schizophrenia disorder has been a basis of bafflement. Initially, people who suffered from schizophrenia were presumed to be infested by evil spirits and were locked up, exiled, tormented or feared forever. Despite progresses in comprehending schizophrenia causes, sequence and treatment, it continues to mystify both the public and health professionals.
Research Proposal on How sleep effects GPA
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It is imperative to note that college and university students are known to have terrible sleeping habits. Consequently, this results in physiological maladjustments such as sleeping in class, oversleeping, and poor alertness coupled with low memory (Hicks, Fernandez, & Pellegrini, 2001 p.
Anxiety Disorders
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The research indicates that anxiety disorder is a popular emotional condition and affects over 75% of the global population. There are various effective psychotherapies and medical treatments available, but unfortunately, most victims do not seek medication because they are not aware of the causes and effective treatment of the disorders.
Culture Shock
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Center of discussion in this paper is cultural shock as the trauma one experiences when one moves into a culture that is different from ones own home culture. There are various factors that lead to cultural shock. Some of them are differences in food, difficulty in communication, differences in customs and values, unacceptable standards of cleanliness, fear for personal safety, and so on and on.
Response to “Repress Yourself” By Lauren Slater
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These kinds of people find themselves activities to do since their recovery works via the activities they engage themselves in. The most important part of Slater’s argument is that probably repression is effective amongst “natural repressors” making her definition for repression incompatible with individuals who do not repress well (Slater 48-53).
Unreliable test
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This is more important because if the results are not correct then there is no reason to use them. They will not offer an appropriate conclusion. There are cases where unreliable tests can be valid, for example in the first Gallup Poll conducted, random digit dialing was employed in order to determine the public's opinion of political candidates.
Crisis, Trauma, and Disaster Response Project
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There are countless critical incidents that can precipitate and constitute crisis, trauma, and disaster. As a future mental health professional, I will undoubtedly respond to
Psychological Research Is Influenced by the Historical Time Period in Which It Is Conducted
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It helps in finding answers to challenging phenomena such as erupting natural as well as manmade extrication. Research is, therefore, an imperative tool towards development that, if exploited appropriately, can lead to the discovery of many and diverse environments.
Stress and Coping
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Stress is when someone’s perceived demands are greater than their ability to cope with the problem. Learning how to cope with stress is extremely important for an individual in order to function in society. Stress has some important concepts, which must be understood before one can learn how to cope with it.
The Role Ethics Has Played In Psychology
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The definition of ethics is difficult, especially since they are standards we have to uphold. They can be taken to refer to moral guidelines that need to be respected and followed and especially in psychology (Koocher & Keith-Spiegel, 2008). Because ethics are so essential in psychology, the American Psychological Association came up with a guideline of ethics that are referred to as the American Psychological Association’s ethics code.
Memory Test
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Information attended to in the sensory memory moves to the short-term memory (STM). The STM is a temporary storage that allows an individual to hold information while they use it for about 30 seconds; although it is possible to retain the information for slightly longer durations by rehearsing it (Robinson-Riegler & Robinson-Riegler, 2008).
The psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapies
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In other terms, the said health care provider must have been thoroughly trained on the usages, strengths and the limitations of clinical hypnosis. Although a rather common clinical approach, the term clinical hypnosis has a range of definitions, depending on the prevailing circumstances or perspectives in which it is applied.
Body Image and the Media
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This has resulted to a negative influence on body esteem. When women are exposed to the thin models and images, they tend to try and imitate what they see so that they can be just as equal to what they have seen and this has clearly caused a psychological discomfort and research should be stipulated so as to reverse the effects of what women have already seen (as cited in Haas, 2012).
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in the treatment of phobias - why is it the most effective method?
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The author of the study has endeavoured to establish that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for both Class I and Class II phobias with the application of theoretical evidence. The paper concludes by highlighting the features due to which CBT is considered the most effective method in the treatment of Phobic Neurosis.
Group Influence
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Introduction The observed group was gathered in a social hall. The patron and officials sat at the front row while the speaker took to the podium. The group comprised of about thirty African women aged between 30 and 40 and living with HIV/AIDS. The meeting was organized by a social support group funded by international non-governmental organizations to educate these women on living positively with HIV/AIDS.
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Social-Focused Family therapy emphasizes realistic, concise, and clear goal negotiations. This type of therapy assumes that, all clients are somehow aware of what is required for their lives to be better and that they have the necessary skills to come up with a solution.
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Consequently, the role of individual coaching is provide strategic skills and knowledge by placing the coach and the client in a unique situation in which the coach learns the needs of the client first hand to tailor the process of instruction. The strategies found in individual coaching entail knowing the needs of the client, which is almost similar to counseling, and setting goals and expectations of the client is done by the client with the help of the coach.
Discuss the use of qualitative methods in psychology and critically evaluate the benefits of such methods for psychologists
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Creswell & Clark, (2007) note hat it is research which drives the society. Various methods have been used by various people to conduct research depending on the area/ field of specialization that the persons conducting these researches are orientated to. In hard or earth sciences such as biological sciences, chemistry, statistics, among other physical sciences, quantitative methods of research are usually the most preferred methods of data collection and analysis while quantitative research is mainly used in the social sciences such as sociology, law, anthropology, psychology among other related disciplines.
Psychological Development of Po from Kung Fu Panda.
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Po is an adopted child of a goose who owns a noodle shop and believes that dedication and love form a perfect mix, which can contribute to a major change. At the beginning of the movie, Po is shown as an under confident and an unwanted giant panda, who because of his immense size, careless attitude and a fat belly cannot accomplish anything perfectly and ends up messing whatever that is assigned to him.
Discuss the relative contributions of biological and social factors to the psychological changes that occur during adolescence using research evidence to support your points.
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have argued that the existence of adolescence period is to delay a teenager from going into the workforce due to lack of enough jobs (Dubas, Graber and Petersen 1991, p.444). Views also vary significantly on the adolescent time line particularly when it ends. However, it is
Critically analyse how useful seminal and contemporary individual differences theories can be when making sense of a life event that you have personally experienced.
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One of the seminal theories of individual differences is the psychodynamic theory of Sigmund Freud, which helps me explain my behaviour during crises and other stressful times. For example, failing of an exam, my
M.A. Forensic Psychology Comprehensive Examination.
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For the purposes of forensic psychology and corresponding treatment, it will be necessary to conduct a number of assessments on JR. A lifestyle assessment will be necessary first and foremost before any therapeutic interventions are prescribed (Rotgers & Maniacci, 2006, p.
Standards and ethics for counselling in action
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Finding ethical means to help those who go to professional counselors can be a tightrope on which the counselor must weigh the best benefits to the individual who needs help against protecting the liabilities and potential harm that can come from violating law and the boundaries of the person who is in need.
Psychoanalysis theory and person-centred theory
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Psychoanalysis is based largely upon the work and investigation of Sigmund Freud who held that unacceptable thoughts of childhood were relegated to the unconscious mind but continue to influence a person’s thoughts, emotional states and hence the behavior.
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CASE THREE Introduction A Forensic Assessment and Report is usually founded on the quality of information accessed from a number of sources with regards to the client for instance mental and medical health records, criminal and employment records, family as well as school records in addition to other important information.
Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapy
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The findings of this research will provide insight of CBT that presupposes both cognitive and subsequent behavioural changes in the patients. The ultimate theoretical goal of CBT is to bring about positive changes in the personality of the individual by modifying his/her maladaptive beliefs and by correcting the patient’s cognitive distortions.
Reflective Paper on Life Span Development
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Freud developed his Psychosexual Stages of Development. This theory depicts the emergence of human personality over the course of the first 20 years or so of life.
Psychological Research And Music Therapy.
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Music is an art and good as it’s an alternative treatment to drugs for many disorders. Arts therapists have struggled to find ways to convey the meaning and the significance of their work to other health care professionals through research. Grainger (1999) argued that among major therapeutic approaches, art therapies are the most challenging to articulate, as the very essence of art is malleable and multi-dimensional.
What is personality according to Sigmund Freud?
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We analyze behaviors of a large number of people around us. The focus of the analysis is on the behaviors, attitudes, and mindset of a person, which he/she shows in dealing with other people.
Beck's Cognitive Therapy for the treatment of Anxiety disorders such as PTSD,OCD andGAD
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The study analyses various empirical studies done on the subject matter to illustrate on the clinical significance of this form of therapy. Of importance, will be the testing of this form of therapy across the various anxiety disorders, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
Mentally challenged people entering our prisons and correctional facilities
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The phrase ‘health promoting prison’ covers the prisons in which; “the risks to health are reduced to a minimum; essential prison duties such as the maintenance of security are undertaken in a caring atmosphere that recognizes the inherent dignity of every prisoner and their human rights; health services are provided to the level, and in a professional manner, equivalent to what is provided in the country as a whole; and where a whole-prison approach to promoting health and welfare is the norm.”
Developmental Psychology-An Infant Case Study
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The obvious effects of these fetal development influences on Sam are premature birth, poor Apgar score, fussy eating, frequent feeding habits and poor sleep patterns among others. Sam’s case brings to the fore, the innumerable negative impacts of alcohol consumption by expectant mothers, especially in the last trimester.
Evaluating Interview Strategies
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While selecting appropriate interview strategy, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of cognitive interviews, hypnosis and polygraph. Based on these characteristics, their impacts on legal investigations can be determined. The cognitive interviewing is an investigation method through which authorities attempt to deduce necessary information from the witnesses and victims through interviewing.
Life Span Perspective Paper
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Numerous facets define Lifespan Perspective in light of human development. To start with, the Lifespan Perspective emerges as a life-long process (Berger 2008).This means that it is a continuous process that is not completely dominated by a single age period.
Family Therapy (Case Study Assessment and Intervention)
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This movie is about Mr. Shi, an elderly man from Beijing, who is also a widower. He travels to Spokane, Washington, U.S., to visit and console his daughter, Yilan, who leads a prosperous life in one of the city’s suburbs and is recently divorced.
Reliability and Validity of Personality Testing Paper
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Personality tests are used in other areas such as individual and relationship counseling, as well as career planning and the development of the already existing employees in an organization (House & Johnson, 2002). Personality testing includes the presentation of some tests or questions to individuals, who then responds to such questions based on a rated scale, depending on how such items of the tests reflects their personal behavior.
Compare and contrast psychological and biological explanations of either major depression or schizophrenia
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Generally, symptoms of depression include agitation, lack of energy, loss of appetite, feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness, thought of committing suicide, loss of interest in performing daily activities, change of sleeping patterns, hallucinations or delusions (Davey, 2011; Barnes, 2012).
Compare and contrast the main principles in these Psychological therapies: psychoanalysis cognitive therapy .
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Whereas in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, it is the way in which an individual’s beliefs and thoughts affects his behaviours and feelings (Moorey, 2010, p.206).Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-CBT and Freudian psychoanalytic therapy have some commonalities and some point of departure.
Life, Theory, Research Conducted by Great Psychologist and Nobel Laureate - Ivan Pavlov"
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Pavlov's conditioning involved a stimulus, i.e. the ringing of the bell which is correlated with the elicitation of salivation process as the dogs anticipated reception of food such actions are not controlled by the brain. On the contrary, operant conditioning advocates about the control over the occurrence of an event and therefore food and distress are dependent on animal's activities.
Adjustment from Bereavement using Grief Counselling with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative Therapy
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Referral Information The client, a 10-year-old female student, was referred by her mother after the latter noticed a change in her daughter’s behaviour after the sudden death of the child’ grandmother The client has become unhappy, down and tearful.
History of Psychology
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As more was learned about human behavior, psychologists started learning that not all behavior were biologically determined. This played a critical role in the development of the fields of psychiatry and psychological therapy. Learning how humans cope and assimilate meaningful information is the fundamental viewpoint, which complements the biological factors.
Project Proposal
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Please submit your completed Ethical Approval Form with TMA 03 (to be approved and signed by your tutor). The form is available on the DD307 course website. Note that you will need to attach the final agreed and signed (by your tutor) form to TMA 04 when you submit it, as evidence of this process.
Critical Analysis of the Humanistic Approach and Person-Centred Therapy
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The approach is optimistic and emphasizes on righteous human capacities to prevail over difficulties, pain and misery. Personal growth and fulfillment in life were considered by both Maslow and Rogers to be essential human motives, which meant that all individuals seek and attempt in different ways to develop psychologically and to constantly enhance themselves and the satisfaction they get in life.
Comprehensive Assessment and Intervention Plan
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She is originally from South Sudan and is presently a refugee in the country. Indeed as a woman she is faced with many challenges which normally confront most women refugees. She does not engage herself in any important economic activity and basically stays at home.
Comparison and Contrast of the Biological and Cognitive Approaches to Mental Disorders
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The word cognition connotes ‘knowing’ and the psychologists stress on the knowledge archetype with the inculcation of information exchange within the human mind (which the behaviorists generally call stimuli), including perception, attention, language, memory and thinking and consequently residing on this treatment base structure, analyses the treatment ramifications.
National Career Development Association (NCDA)
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NCDA is a leading body in developing standards for career counseling and evaluating the career information material. Its major goal is to promote career development throughout the lifespan by providing a blueprint for various career counseling firms to work on.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Origins and Current Applications
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Several disorders have been treated by CBT. These include irrational fears, addiction, hopelessness and nervousness. This treatment is based on the belief that behaviors are largely influenced by thoughts and feelings (Cherry, 2013). The aim of cognitive behavior therapy is to tutor patients that although they cannot be in charge of every incidents of the world surrounding them, “they can take control of how they interpret and deal with things in their environment” (Cherry, 2013).
Nurture versus nature
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The growing literature on the understanding of human development has made it clear that both sides of the debate are partly right. Nature endows individuals with inborn traits and capabilities while nurture molds the genetic tendencies as people mature and learn.
Piaget and Vygotsky
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Their fame also emanates from immense contribution in the unveiling of scientific approach used in evaluating cognitive progress of a child. In Piaget’s premise of language development, he utilized structuralism together with cognitive growth to expound his argument concerning child’s development (Breseler, Cooper & Pamer, 2013).
sleep and sleep disorders
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Doctors and psychologists advice people to get enough sleep as much as possible to boost their health while going about their activities normally. Each individual experience sleep disorders at different rates depending on age, sex and their daily activities together with the external factors.
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