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Assignment example - Teaching and Assessing

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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This compiled research demonstrates how teaching and assessments are carried out in the field of nursing. The assessments took place in a medical ward. 1There are various nursing logs which have been studied to gain information into the different areas that are under requirement to be reviewed and assessed for their efficiency and skill level…

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The conclusion sums up the issues of teaching assessments by presenting the facts on how worthwhile and beneficial they are to student nurses as well as practicing nurses due to how they can guide nurses into utilizing more effective nursing techniques to provide more up to date services and meet the demands of patients.
We were a large group, made up of nurses, midwives and radiographers. To enable us all to effectively undertake our micro-teaching session on the same day, we were split into smaller groups of 5 students with one tutor.
Our group comprised of adult nurses, all from different wards and specialities. Our group met at the designated time and place allotted to us. It was a large classroom, which when we entered was hot and stuffy and with the agreement of the group, we opened the windows to cool the room down and make it conducive for learning. The desks were moved into a semi-circle to allow a less formal atmosphere.
The large room where learning on fluid management of a patient undertaking C.A.P.D. (continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis) was a conducive environment for learning. Having opened the window to let fresh air made it even better for the learner would be comfortable thereby concentrate on the teaching. ...
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