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Summary and Analysis of the Chapters, “Serving Time in Virginia” and “From Rosie to Lucy” from After the Fact

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The chapter highlights reasons for efforts put in by Captain John Smith and Sir Edwin Sandys. It discusses their struggle for the colony and the reasons why after ten years, Jamestown was still not independent.

History of the crusades concentrating on the 1st crusade

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Some have even speculated that most of the world’s major wars would not have happened if not for religion. This is very ironic since most, if not all religions teach their followers about peace and kindness towards their fellow man, but make no mistake about it, countless people have fought and died over their religious beliefs.

Compare and Contrast Early 20th century China and Japan as revealed in Kokoro and The True Story of Ah Q

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However, to the son it is just a normal thing in the city of Tokyo Japan to be a graduate since many had done the same. As depicted by the happiness in the father due to the graduating of the son, this seems to be a transition period where more graduates are beginning to secure their graduation in comparison to the old system where there were few.


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It also shows the years of post-civil war reconstruction. The film draws recent scholarships and looks at slavery as an important part of the development of the nation. It also looks at individual slaves by giving new perspective on the experiences of slaves.

Arabs' Generosity and Hospitality in the Arabian Peninsula

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The Arabs have a unique race and a unique culture with many qualities that distinguish them from the rest of the world. The Arabian Peninsula accommodates the Arab countries and there is striking similarity in the culture, values, norms, trends and traditions of the people of these countries.

Voice of Protest by Alan Brinkley

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Owing to his radical and at times bordering on anti-Semitic ideas, he was often the subject of great scrutiny and criticism, with his broadcasts on radio being the subject of great controversy. Coughlin used radio to communicate with his followers, a mass following of millions, and owing to the contents of his speeches many radios channels refused to broadcast them.

John F. Kennedy's Historical Leadership

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John F. Kennedy in my humble opinion is an example of great leadership and one of the few great and beloved presidents in history. It was very important for me to choose John F. Kennedy because I believe that his leadership style demands to be used as an example by our current and future leaders.

The United States Constitution

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The United States Constitution is the foundation stone of freedom in America which unites the government to the philosophical ideals made clear in The Declaration of Independence (Natelson, 2009). The United States is considered as one of the most successful leader of human freedom and prosperity around the world (Natelson, 2009).

Enlightenment and the Great Awakening

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Enlightenment and the Great Awakening In the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, colonial America experienced a number of changes both in its political and economic setting. This was as a result of the cities and the seaports which the colonial powers had concentrated themselves in.

Battle of Waterloo

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Principles of War: The Battle of Waterloo “Principles and rules are intended to provide a thinking man with a frame of reference”. Karl Von Clausewitz Introduction: The theory of warfare entails the use and application of various strategies which help in gaining supremacy regarding, or preparedness of, one's physical forces and offers a significant material advantage at the decisive moment, on a battle field.

The Effects of Politics on Public Policy Case Study: The United Kingdom and Denmark.

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The extent to which politics influences public policy and vice versa has been the cause of much debate in recent political theory (Caramani, 2008). Indeed, the capacity of a political system to embody the desires and preferences of the public in its policies has been a central issue of democratic accountability and theory.

How effective is the United Nations in global governance?

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This study will includes the major timeline of UN post cold war, however it will also project the background of its establishment and how it came in to form, with what objectives and goals. The paper will highlight its credibility and how successful and effective; its policies have been in recent times as well as in history.

Focusing on the English Civil War: Historiography and More

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Conflicts of the mid-seventeenth century are quite important for history books, for academics and non-academics alike. However, this spurs off different debates from various historians who belong to different schools of thoughts. 1 Many historians get frustrated with the paucity of materials on this source, yet this does not form an obstacle in their desire to know more about the define events of the English Historiography.

"Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal" by William Leuchtenburg

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The book “Franklin D. Roosevelt And The New Deal” by William E. Leuchtenburg projects the main achievements of the president while keeping up with the terrible situation of The Great Depression. In this respect the author pays quite enough attention to each reform done by Roosevelt with a particular accuracy in facts and further outcomes.

Meiji Era (1868-1912)

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tion The modernization and the act of industrialization of Japan began during the era starting after the 1868’s Meiji Restoration1. During the early stages of converting the nation into an industrialized one, the government and the policy makers took several measures and created several policies to cultivate the industry.

Progressive Era Success and Failures

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People who supported and worked for the implementation of these reformation activities were later referred as progressives. Progressives were mainly middle class people including lawyers, teachers, physicians, ministers and business people. Progressives supported the implementation of scientific methods virtually in every segment of human life in America.

English as a national language of America

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However, it may not necessarily enjoy the status of an official language. The American English has evolved over centuries but it was after the American Revolution that distinct alterations were made to it to reflect national and political independence from the British.

The Root Causes of the 2008-2009 Economic Crisis is the U.S.

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The crisis caused large financial institutions to collapse as national governments attempted to bailout banks from the financial crisis. Moreover, stock markets from all over the world collapsed while the housing market was largely affected by the crisis.

Salem Witch Trial

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Some researchers, not believing this, decided to research on biological aspects of these symptoms. Modern historians do not give credit to all the researches. They cited that the evidence given by the scientists is historically inaccurate and thus not dependable.

Oil, Islam and Authoritarianism: Central Asia in Global Politics

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al. 2005:146). Natural resource poor countries post impressive results in politics as well as economic growth. Analysts have identified this peculiar feature and have been able to make explanations to prove the trend. Political stability and structure is a major factor that influences development of a nation.

Virgil’s "Aeneid"

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In Virgil’s great epic poem Aeneid, the adventures of Aeneas are registered to create a powerful human drama that still retains its force two millennia past. Aeneas, the hero of the epic, is born of a divine union between the mortal Anchises and the goddess Venus.

Post 9 11 America

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Since then, many other national and international issues has risen which among to some people have overshadowed the post -9/11 era. This paper seeks to give an in-depth analysis of post -9/11. There are many revolutions evident in the entire living style of the United States of America.

Nonwestern Art and Western Art History

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The artist must have visualization of visual considerations that help in creations of perfect artwork. Art may also be classified into other genres that include film, dance, theatre, literature, music, and performing arts. Artistic culture has been evident in different locations worldwide.

Native Americans

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American Indians for instance who are one of the largest communities of native Americans have struggled with to gain recognition from first the European authorities and later on the American Government. When the Europeans came to America, they immediately took over the land belonging to natives and either colonized them or forced them to vacate to other places.


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However, the African servants that came to the colony were war captives or from enemy tribes (Takaki). Question 2: What is the difference between being an indentured servant and being a slave? Indentured servants were quite different from slaves as they were paid for their work and they worked as free workers bound under some agreement between them and the company for an agreed time period.
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