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Summary and Analysis of the Chapters, “Serving Time in Virginia” and “From Rosie to Lucy” from After the Fact

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The chapter highlights reasons for efforts put in by Captain John Smith and Sir Edwin Sandys. It discusses their struggle for the colony and the reasons why after ten years, Jamestown was still not independent.

Chronicle the process that developed in the South of chipping away the freedoms granted to blacks during Reconstruction

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The inclusion of slaves in the war, nevertheless, propelled the cause for emancipation. The end of Civil War did abolish slavery, but racial equality is not fully met, even decades later. This paper chronicles the process that developed in the South that chipped away the freedoms granted to blacks during Reconstruction

Lemon Grove incident

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The incident is not important just because of its occurrence but also because of the way the community managed an adverse socio-civil situation. Lemon Grove was predominantly a settlement of people of Mexican origin. It was fertile for the cultivation of lemons and oranges which began since the 1900’s.

Renaissance and Reformation

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Renaissance, in essence, means rebirth. The Renaissance and Reformation Period (1300-1650) is significant in the history of mankind in more ways than one. The renaissance and reformation period marked the beginning of a New Age in Europe which was characterized by an interest among scholars to find out more about their world (Patrick 26).

Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleo Bonaparte is considered and known as one of the greatest political, military and revolutionary leaders not only in France or Europe, but also in the history of the world. His legacy continues to live to this very day and age as many of his accomplishments and formations as France’s leaders has become the basis of some of the governmental systems that great nations follow today.

The Modern Temper by Lynn Dumenil

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By ‘modern temper’, She attributes the prevailing characteristic or temper of the era to the state of transforming the repressive Victorian age. The phrase ‘modern temper’ tends to pertain to the 1920s settings and pervasive styles which comprised in the type of modernity developing between the end of World War I and the severe regression of stock market.

Peoples and Empires: A Short History of European Migration, Exploration, and Conquest, from Greece to the Present

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Written by Anthony Pagden, a renowned historian, the book generally talks about how the European empire had influenced the rest of the world. This influence is actually grounded upon three significant political acts -- migration, exploration, and conquest.

State sovereignty 'led inexorably to the Holocaust and atomic warfare'

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Around six million Jews died in the hands of the Nazi, a political party which represented the legal government of Germany in 1933.On the other hand, over 200,000 Japanese civilians died when the United States aircraft dropped atomic bombs in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki -- a decisive action of the United States to put an immediate end of war and prevented further loss of lives

What was the relationship between European overseas expansion and developments in Europe?

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To capture the scrambles of this great divide and restructuring of the new countries, many European nations engaged in a war and World War I started which further changed Europe and its economics as real steel age had started.


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It also shows the years of post-civil war reconstruction. The film draws recent scholarships and looks at slavery as an important part of the development of the nation. It also looks at individual slaves by giving new perspective on the experiences of slaves.

American Slavery, American Freedom

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‘Give Me Liberty’ by Eric Foner, Professor of History, Columbia University, gives us deep insight into specific incidents leading to slavery in America. His book dealing with 19th century America, focusing on slavery, war and reconstruction, has won him great acclaim as a leading contemporary Historian and is extensively used as a History text in the classroom.

The East India Company.

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The East India Company was formed in the year 1600 as a joint stock company by a group of traders who were looking to expanding trade opportunities. (Carter & Harlow, 2003) Initially trading was planned for the East Indies region however as events unfolded the Company saw itself trading more in India and China.

Battle of Waterloo

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Principles of War: The Battle of Waterloo “Principles and rules are intended to provide a thinking man with a frame of reference”. Karl Von Clausewitz Introduction: The theory of warfare entails the use and application of various strategies which help in gaining supremacy regarding, or preparedness of, one's physical forces and offers a significant material advantage at the decisive moment, on a battle field.

History of the crusades concentrating on the 1st crusade

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This paper aims to discuss one of the most argued and debated religious conflicts of man’s history. This particular conflict also involves two of the most wide-spread religions in the world today, Islam and Christianity. This paper use different journals and articles in order to get different perspectives on the crusade, how it started and what were the details of the campaign.

The United States Constitution

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The United States Constitution is the foundation stone of freedom in America which unites the government to the philosophical ideals made clear in The Declaration of Independence (Natelson, 2009). The United States is considered as one of the most successful leader of human freedom and prosperity around the world (Natelson, 2009).

Compare and Contrast Early 20th century China and Japan as revealed in Kokoro and The True Story of Ah Q

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However, to the son it is just a normal thing in the city of Tokyo Japan to be a graduate since many had done the same. As depicted by the happiness in the father due to the graduating of the son, this seems to be a transition period where more graduates are beginning to secure their graduation in comparison to the old system where there were few.

Native Americans

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American Indians for instance who are one of the largest communities of native Americans have struggled with to gain recognition from first the European authorities and later on the American Government. When the Europeans came to America, they immediately took over the land belonging to natives and either colonized them or forced them to vacate to other places.

The United Nations and international order

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This article provides the historical and political factors behind the creation of the United Nation, examines the United Nation Charter and the expression of the UN’s objectives in the United Nation Charter. The study analyzes the UN’s effectiveness in realizing its Charter objectives; namely, maintaining the international order.

French Revolution

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French Revolution (1789-1799) The French Revolution was a period of social and political changes that had a strong impact not only on France but also on Europe as a whole. The Revolution started in the year 1789 and continued till 1799. Absolute monarchy that ruled over France for several hundred years was overthrown by the common people to bring new principles of equal rights and privileges.


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Wars. Industrialization relied heavily on raw materials such as coal and cheap human labor. In the 1900’s, considerable assessments of the trends of the industrial markets led authorities to realize the importance of the earlier annexed African colonies.

Workers and farmers in the Gilded Age

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Name Course Course Instructor Date The essay below addresses the hypothetical Essential Question: Why did the Populists believe that the United States was on “the verge of moral, political, and material ruin?” Were they right? The Gilded Age marked an era of robust economic growth and development in the United States.

Evaluate U.S. military campaign planning for OIF from 2002 to 2007

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Operational art is mainly regarded as the sphere of senior commanders (those managing a dual force or Service/functional part of a joint force) due to the education, experience, judgment, intuition, and vision projected of senior military officers and essential to link the precise actions of the joint force to extensive strategic end states (Mullen 29).

The Industrial Revolution and its Impact on the United States

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It started in Great Britain in the eighteenth century. Britain was the major and perhaps the only superpower during that period and it had enough resources to stimulate industrial revolution. After gaining grounds in Britain, industrial revolution slowly entered other countries in the Europe and United Sates.

Analysis two readings about Race and Ethnicity in American Culture

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They did not kill him because such an open declaration by Hill would be a public relations coup for the Klan and serve as a warning to intimidate other African Americans into giving up their civil rights. 2. The Klan was concerned about Hill’s preaching, teaching and newspaper reading.

The Causes and Impact of the Aryan Migration to India

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Many historians believe that the original house of the Aryans is in the territories south of the Ural Mountains in the present Kirghizstan. When life has turned out to be hard and tough, for the reason of scarcity of food, fall in temperature and the stress applied by the yellow-skinned ethnic groups in the north areas, the Aryans started to move away in various directions.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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From this, they drew around fifty subscribers with each one of them contributing forty shillings towards the launching of the library. Obeying the nobble call, the members also agreed to contribute at least ten shillings every year in order to help maintain the library.

What is the relationship between the political history of the Israelites and the evolution of their religious beliefs?

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Jewish beliefs focus on the supremacy of God over all human beings, but also in the special chosen status of the Israelites. The constant exiles that Jews faced, whether in Biblical accounts such as Babylon and Egypt, or in other diasporas that had them seeking asylum in Muslim lands, in Eastern Europe,

To what extent was China a Buddhist country from the third to the sixth centuries (200-600)?

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Today, Buddhism is practiced by millions of people in many countries. Hence, a Buddhist country can be described as a country where a significant number of the population follows the Buddhist faith. China has the largest number of Buddhists numbering to 102 million people.

Adolf Hitler

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From humble beginnings in his childhood, Hitler went on to become the Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, when he committed suicide to avoid being arrested at the hands of allied forces trying to reign in the German invasion of Europe. Adolf Hitler was born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl on April 20, 1889 in a small Austrian village of Braunau Am near the German border. Alois was an illegitimate child of Maria Anna Schicklgruber.

"Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In" [Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, Bruce Patton].

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Getting to yes is an authentic book of knowledge related to negotiating techniques. It is a complete course whose theme revolves around a successful negotiation. We all are aware of the importance of wining an argument. The theme of the book The main theme of the book is to define the art of negotiation in personal and professional dispute.

Tokugawa period until 1868

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Thus, the religions were the roots of Japanese culture and Tokugawa was no exception. Now the broad aspects of Tokugawa’s culture having been briefly examined, this paper will narrow down its research of Japanese Tokugawa’s culture to Theatrical forms (Kabuki) in the following pages.

The Consequences of Chernobyl's Disaster and the New Policy of Social Defense

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This research study is being carried out to examine defence policies prior to the Chernobyl disaster, the Chernobyl disaster itself and its consequences, and the social policy changes implemented in response to the disaster, to demonstrate by virtue of a case study of the Chernobyl disaster that crises induce defence policy changes as homeland security is heightened.

International Relations Theory.

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The main engines for the liberal internationalism are the instrumental rationality. This entails the calculations of costs and benefits of economics; capitalism and a universal consumer culture; and democracy.

Analysis of Woodrow Wilson's speech, "Final Address in Support of the League of Nations".

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Persuasive Discourse: Analysis of Woodrow Wilson's speech, "Final Address in Support of the League of Nations" Persuasive discourses have long been analyzed by many researchers and scholars as these have changed the life and destiny of many people. While persuasive discourses is generally understood as a type of discourse that ‘attempts to effect persuasion’ Tannen widens the meaning of persuasion to “the attempt or intention of one participant to change the behavior, feelings, intentions or viewpoint of another by communicative means.”1 Analyzing Woodrow Wilson’s final address in support of the League of Nations one can find that the speaker makes a number of conscious efforts to


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Upton Sinclair, one of the most influential writers of his time, wrote the novel “The Jungle” in the year 1906. Sinclair’s main purpose in this novel was to explain and portray the life of the immigrants in the United States of America. Immigrants from Northern Europe moved to live in American.

The Trail of Tears

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The history of the US indicates one of the greatest violations of human rights and land grabbing. One of such happenings is what is commonly referred to as the Trail of Tears. This phrase is used to refer to the forced movement and relocation of Native Americans nationals who were residing in the southern parts of the US following the 1830 Indian Removal Act.

Slavery following the Civil War

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The research discusses the attitudes towards African Americans from the end of the Civil War to the present day, with the thesis that while slaves were freed in 1865, this freedom was in name only, and those slaves and their descendents have continued to suffer many of the chains of slavery for generations, especially in the case of Southern blacks.

John F. Kennedy's Historical Leadership

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John F. Kennedy in my humble opinion is an example of great leadership and one of the few great and beloved presidents in history. It was very important for me to choose John F. Kennedy because I believe that his leadership style demands to be used as an example by our current and future leaders.

Consequences of Neoliberalism. Economic Consequences of Neoliberalism.

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Consequences of Neoliberalism. Neoliberalism refers to a market-driven approach to the policy making process for running economy and society (Campbell and Pedersen, 2001, p3). The approach basically stems from the neoclassical theories of economics focusing upon the efficient role of the private enterprises, trade liberalization and establishment of open markets.

Is direct military action the best way to deal whith problems of terrorism?

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This paper begins by examining the definition and main characteristics of terrorism as a means of establishing how direct military counterterrorism strategies can respond to terrorism and how it might not be compatible with the nature and definition of terrorism. The research study then analyses direct military action as a valid counterterrorism strategy.

The Gunpowder Plot

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The Gunpowder Plot. Remember the 5th of November is the mantra that has been celebrated for centuries. While the celebrations are symbolic, they by no means empathize with the plight of the many years of persecution that were perpetuated against English Catholics.

What can neorealism explain?

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What can neorealism explain? In order to comprehensively understand as to what neorealism explains, it is important to understand the underlying concepts of classical realism and how it evolved over the period of time. Realism or political realism is based upon the notion that the individual as well as security concerns of a nation should be superior to the ideology as well as moral concerns.

Mystery religions of the Hellenistic era.

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“The word mystery (mysterion in Greek) derives from the Greek verb myein, “to close,” referring to the closing of the lips or the eyes” (Meyer, 1987, p. 4). Mystery religions were some of the most famous non-traditional religions of the Hellenistic era.

The Role Of The Lend-Lease Program In Allied Victory During WWII

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The initial American policy at the outset of the Second World War was officially one of isolationist neutrality. It shouldn't have been our war; didn't have to be through any obvious necessity by September, 1939. Not unless the Axis aggressors were determined to make it so.

The Effects of Politics on Public Policy Case Study: The United Kingdom and Denmark.

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The extent to which politics influences public policy and vice versa has been the cause of much debate in recent political theory (Caramani, 2008). Indeed, the capacity of a political system to embody the desires and preferences of the public in its policies has been a central issue of democratic accountability and theory.

U.S. Government and Politics: Constitution

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U.S. Government and Politics: Constitution The U.S. cannot be said to be a democracy without its Constitution otherwise there will be strong possibility of the country taking a turn towards fascism, communism or despotic rule. It cannot be denied that the rule of law is the foundation of freedom because it creates limits on the government in terms of violating the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Decision-making in the EU: transparency and democratic legitimacy.

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Although a system of cooperative decision making was introduced, so that decision-making promotes greater participation, accountability and transparency, it remains increasingly informal and secluded from the general electorate and specific parliamentarian representatives.2 The primary concern is therefore input legitimacy from the perspective of the electorate and output legitimacy from the perspective of the EU.3 Thus, the decision-making process in the EU has been a part of academic debate particularly in respect of its transparency and democratic legitimacy.

american history after 1865

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The conflict also managed to destroy the deep-rooted belief of the Southern Whites that slaves would only work under compulsion. Several institutions including factories that were owned by Whites in large cities like Atlanta, Columbia and Richmond were set on fire (Divine et al.


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Politics is different than political power. Politics is the mechanism that individuals and groups use to obtain political power over others. Political power is important because political power has the ability to shape the policies and institutions of government.

Were any gains won by women in the First World War both limited and temporary?

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The gains won by women in UK during World War I were limited and temporary. The status of women greatly changed during the World War I. Traditionally, women were bound to be housewives only and be held responsible for keeping up with the household. In early America, women’s life centered on farm and family.
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