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African Americans and the New South

America,as it was preparing to enter the 20th Century, was experiencing rapid change.The Civil War was over,reconstruction was complete and the nation had seen unequaled leaps of technology and industrial advancement in the last several decades of the 19th century.Wells took a radical stance is his position.He blamed the African American as much as the White population for perpetuating the inequality still remaining in the south.The violence and its increasing frequency and spread both west and north were in his mind precursors of what was to follow if African Americans sat quietly by and let it occur.Although he stopped short of an outright revolution,in his mind words alone would not bring about a change.The only people African Americans could rely on were themselves. Through meeting the violence and hatred head on was the only solution available. Although not standing by and letting the rest of the nation dictate what was best for African American people, Wells view was, in my opinion, much to extreme and would alienate the supporters for Black equality among the general population. The extremist views, although not negating the horrors of lynching, would do more harm than good in drawing attention away from the brutality and focusing it on perceived hatred for Whites.Booker T. Washington's views stated that the newly won freedom from slavery brought with it desires to achieve immediate positions of power and importance. ...
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America,as it was preparing to enter the 20th Century, was experiencing rapid change.The Civil War was over,reconstruction was complete and the nation had seen unequaled leaps of technology and industrial advancement in the last several decades of the 19th century…
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