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The chapter gives the detailed deliberation of the American history and a basic impact of American ideology. The chapter clearly defines how the reformations gradually took place to give the shape to the present society…


The chapter gives the detailed deliberation of the American history and a basic impact of American ideology. The chapter clearly defines how the reformations gradually took place to give the shape to the present society. It clearly gives a panoramic view of American intolerance.The chapter has given minute details about the sufferings of women, and non-WASP communities especially of immigrants. It clearly indicates the attitude of the native Americans and their feeling of supremacy and dominance. The chapter defines how marginalized groups achieved success after years of oppression, strife and resistance. The chapter gives the view of struggle that envisaged success inspite of the fact that it was years of tolerance of these communities and now they are able to enjoy the fruits of it. The contented feeling of these communities help America to be on the road of metamorphosis for equality and togetherness and also the feeling of belongingness. The chapter provides the documented facts through history that proves the authenticity and the truth that this chapter embraces. It discuss out the social reforms, religious reforms and racial harmony that took an era to get stabilized and to get the present vision. The chapter also concludes with the most significant act of defiance against intolerance the civil right movement of the twentieth century. The chapter signifies- WASPs- initially the most significant portion of the population comprised of White Anglo- Saxon Protestants who had four main values defining ethnicity
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