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Albert Einsteins Impact on Society and the Modern World

This essay talks about Albert Einstein, whose fame and standing were extraordinary, as is revealed by the fact that in 1952, Ben Gurion offered him the presidency of Israel, which he refused to accept. At the time of his demise, he was actively involved in the formulation of the unified field theory and at the time of his active involvement in nuclear disarmament.
He made important discoveries in quantum field theory and worked for long on unifying electromagnetism and gravitation, which would have served to bring about the unified theory. He did not succeed in formulating the unified field theory; however, his discoveries reduced the classical mechanics of Newton to a mere approximation of his theory of relativity.
One of his major contributions to the war effort was to convince Roosevelt to inaugurate the Manhattan Project, which brought about the invention of the fission bomb.
The energy released by such a bomb was governed by his famous equation:
E = mc2
E represents the energy released in the conversion of matter to energy;
m represents the mass so converted;
and c represents the velocity of light.
However, in his later years he advocated the eschewal of violence and the use of nuclear weapons. He was instrumental in developing popular notions regarding scientists and their works of eminence.
He was very active in promoting Zionism, especially in the early 1920’s , when he extensively toured the UK and the US in order to mobilize funds and support for the Jewish cause. ...
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This essay examines the life and work of Albert Einstein, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for Physics for having provided a broad insight into the photoelectric effect, although his main contribution was the formulation of the special and general theories of relativity…
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