Summary and Analysis of the Chapters, “Serving Time in Virginia” and “From Rosie to Lucy” from After the Fact - Essay Example


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Summary and Analysis of the Chapters, “Serving Time in Virginia” and “From Rosie to Lucy” from After the Fact

Summary and Analysis of the Chapters, “Serving Time in Virginia” and “From Rosie to Lucy” from After the Fact

Serving Time in Virginia tries to explain and explore the reasons for what went wrong in the Virginia Colony by skillfully using a general perspective to analyze the situation.

Sir Edwin Sandys has tried to rebuild the Jamestown in three ways. He attracted the new investors by granting them the head rights for introducing and brining in new tenants. He grabbed the attention of new settlers by introducing lotteries. He tried to make the colony a more peaceful and pleasant place to settle down in by abolishing martial law. Citizens were extended the rights to select two members of the colony as their representatives or spokespersons. Even after the years of struggle and reconstruction, Jamestown was lacking a lot of attention. Citizens were legally enforced to grow corns. Insufficient food, arrival of unprepared settlers, inadequate housing facilities and presence of contaminated wells were becoming the reason of spreading disease. People were more interested in growing tobacco than corn despite food scarcity.

The chapter, ‘From Rosie to Lucy’ revolves around the changes that occurred in the role of women in the 1950 and also, how media played an important role in this transformation. The author discusses that it was mainly because of World War II that brought massive changes in the lives of American women. Many of the women got an opportunity to work and live independently. ...
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Serving Time demonstrates the expansion and growth of tobacco in the first American boom country as well as how the cultivators used the peons to work in their tobacco fields despite the fact that colony was falling apart in the background.

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