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Politics 1920's

Harding rose to power during this era. The prediction was right; this is because, in the 1920, the fragmented Republican convention appointed Warren, a United States Senator of Ohio origin, as the presidential candidate, (Payne 12). The presidency of Warren Warren is perceived as the nastiest leader in the history of US. This is because of various scandals that Harding’s appointee practiced. Harding was prominent for maintaining US out of Nations Leagues whereas, meeting with powerful countries in attempts to reduce arms. Warren Harding established Budget Bureau as the initial official budgetary unit. His early departure mainly prevented him against indictment from his government’s various scandals. Events and achievements of the presidency of Harding Warren Although President Harding had some illusions concerning the presidential qualifications, he selected some sleazy and corrupt office bearers. In other words, his presidential era in was characterized by various political scandals such as corruption and sleaziness at the department of justice and Bureau of Veterans. For instance, after Harding’s departure because of stroke, his administration’s key critical tragedy was the Teapot Dome event. ...
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Title Name University Course Instructor Date The advancement and development of government operations during the WW1 reversed in 1920 political era. The attempts of the government to end trusts and control business operations resulted to a new focus on unity between business and government…
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