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Coaching and Mentoring Skills

That is, instead of following the performance management process from the manager’s perspective alone, other employees and stakeholders within and outside the organization also get the opportunity to be part of the process (Schraeder & Jordan, 2011). This provision really fits my personality because I am a person who is open to ideas and a manager who prefers the democratic leadership style.
In other to use the 360 degree appraisal effectively, there are a number of skills that are very important for achieving success. The first of these is mentorship and coaching. Mentorship and coaching are necessary for the 360 degree appraisal as it is the only way by which other stakeholders who make input to the system can make meaningful contributions (Grote, 2000). Secondly, the skill of evaluation is highly relevant in ensuring that while using this appraisal system, the most accurate evaluation outcomes can be rendered to employees. Last but not least, the skill of corrective training is very relevant if the outcome of the appraisal can be used as a basis for shaping employees to become useful contributors to the ...
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For this reason, I have tried and successfully used several performance management approaches including behavioral checklist, 360 degree appraisal,…
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