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What сan IT do for business?

Information technology is developing at a very great speed, particularly in the business world. Many firms are using the internet for various functions to enhance their production efficiency and augment their marketing strategies. However, key among these is the use of technology to increase the competitive advantage of firms. This paper analyzes how a company/business can use information technology to increase its competitive advantage. Introduction Internet has changed the structure of global markets and made it possible to hook up to other systems, people, and companies, without the restrictions of time and space. The dispersion of such a system is purposefully significant for economic development of every country. With the development and progression of the information and communication technology (ICT), competitive advantage plays a vital role in contemporary companies and businesses (Cicak, 2010). Information network comprises diverse types of software platforms and databases, which the companies use to increase effectiveness and augment their competitive advantage. These include venture-wide networks devised to administer all principal functions of the company provided for instance SAP, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards among others. They also include more general-purpose database creations aimed at specific uses for instance the products provided by Oracle, Microsoft, and many others (Dewett & Jones, 2000) ...
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Information technology is developing at a very great speed, particularly in the business world. Many firms are using the internet for various functions to enhance their production efficiency and augment their marketing strategies. …
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