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Creating the report

The following policies are vital: Password policy of networking devices and hosts, wireless network security policy, Anti-Virus security policy and physical security policy.
The network support staff or administration must monitor and maintain a firewall between the network that connects the production functions, processes and operations from the laboratory network or network appliance / equipment / device (Frye, 2007).
The network support staff or administration must be entitled to have full rights for interrupting network connections of the laboratory that may impose impact or security risk on processes, functions and operation on the production network (Frye, 2007).
The network traffic between the organization and the other networks will be transmitted via a firewall monitored and maintained by the support staff. However, in case of a wireless network transmission, connection to other networks of the organization will be ...
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vendors who have access to the organization’s information security and forensic laboratory. The scope of this policy will also…
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