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CIS212 U3 Discussion - Essay Example

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Access control tools are concerned with determining the allowed activities of legitimate users, mediating between every attempt by a user to access a particular resource in the system. Its main objective is to make sure that undesired users do not get access to certain…

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CIS212 U3 Discussion

t RBAC has ease of management while DAC is complicated since each new user has to go through all the details the user needs access to and add them to the list.
Authentication provides a way of identifying a user by having them enter a valid username and password before access is granted. If the identifications do not match, authentication fails hence permission is denied to access the information. Its purpose is to prevent unauthorized users to access information that they are not entitled to access. Certificates provide secure communications across untrusted of vulnerable networks. They are important in securing wireless local area networks. One of the advantages of using certificates is that it ensures that any data sent online is read by only the intended recipients. This is because for that data to reach the recipients, it might have to pass through multiple computers. It also improves customer’s trust. One of the disadvantages of using certificates is that it makes the connections to slow down. Getting certificates for a business can be expensive since the service providers have to pay for its maintenances; therefore it might be viable for small scale ...
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