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Data wharehousing case study assignment

Facts table present real data stored while dimension tables describes each row in a fact table. Any data mart must present business changing trends and the user requirements in an organization. The database for MEGA SAVE was analyzed using OLAP Statistics and Reporting. The main advantage of data mart is that it can be used to analyze both small and large data of an organization because data marts are response to real business needs. This are some of the key guidelines that the designers of the database should base in coming up with the data mart. Charts and reports are used to describe the data set. Table 1.0 The above table shows group customer against group product from the sales. Table 1.2 From the schema the main aim of the developers of the schema is to evaluate the sales according to different groups of the buyers. The group products and the customer group ID are illustrated in the table above. For instance, customer group ID 1 is for Young Rich Women while 2 for Young Poor Women. The total sales for each product is given in the columns. Graph 1.0 The graph above shows the sales of group products sold overall in all counties. Fresh meat, soft drink and dairy were the least sold items while the highest sales was fruit vegetable followed by beer. The schema designed was to outline the group sales that has the highest score. ...
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OLAP is an abbreviation for ‘On-Line Analytical Processing’. This is where data is analyzed and shared online in a high performance where the results of any analysis should take less than 30 seconds. The schema and the mart implemented by the designers should have the basic dimensions of data in an organization…
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