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South East Asia: Film and Music Author’s Name Institutional affiliation Abstract In July 2013, a regulator of telecommunications and broadcasting in Thailand, the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) summoned the entertainment corporation GMM Grammy over the airing of the soap opera “Hormones”, with a request that the script to the show be re-evaluated.


In the event that the show is found to be in breach of this act, the show could face punishment. Such punishment may involve re-editing of the script to the show in compliance with directions from the NBTC. Having aired for nine episodes in June 2013, the show had elicited a myriad or reactions from both media and the ardent soap opera fan base in Thailand. The popularity of the show could have been driven by its reflection of elements of Thai popular culture still considered to be taboo within the society. This paper analyses the themes in the soap opera and takes a look at the implications that it has on Thai culture, the popular culture among Thai people, and soap operas, as a form of media in Thai popular culture. Keywords: Soap opera, Television, Media, Popular Culture Introduction Soap operas are common place in television in Thailand and make up a crucial element of Thai popular culture. Often referred to as ‘Lakorn’, the soap operas are aired on almost every channel, reflecting an almost insatiable obsession with soap operas among Thais (James, 2010). Typically, the soap operas run for two hours on at least two weeknights every week across the different channels. ...
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