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Communication Research: Article critique Title: Kenix, L.J. (2009) Exploring political blogs as a form of alternative media. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 14(4), pp. 790-822. Introduction: About the article This article was aimed at investigating the influence of social media and its’ rapidly evolving role and presence on diverse aspects of our everyday lives.


The authors, through extensive literature review, have supported the capability of blogs as the new channel of reporting news without the added pressure or constraints of censorship or advertising which often tend to limit / restrict the scope of conventional news media. With this argument the authors have claimed that blogs are relatively better and more reliable source of news since they have the ability and the resources to offer deep and unbiased perspective and analysis of any given situation through modern corporate and mainstream outlets. In order to substantiate their claims the authors have used critical discourse analysis and content analysis whereby a total of 344 posts, 1712 hyperlinks and 10,401 comments from diverse types of blogs including those featuring political and current events over a period of one week. ...
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