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Topic: Students Parking Should be Free Specific Purpose: The purpose of my speech is to delineate prudent facts to my audience regarding student parking. Organizational Pattern: Topical Intended Audience: COMM 101 Class Thesis Statement: There is a need for colleges and universities to provide students with free parking facilities.


II. Orientation Phase: As a student, I require paying money for several purposes such as tuition fees, college fees, semester fees and other purchasing items. In my personal viewpoint, education is definitely a worthy investment, but the most frustrating aspect is parking space where I need to pay certain amount of fees in order to get a permit (University of Hertfordshire, “Student Car Parking for Academic Year 2013/2014”). Transition: Thus, today I will talk about the reasons for which parking should be free for students. Body I. I will begin by telling the reasons for imposing parking fees in universities. II. In major universities and colleges, students are required to obtain permits in order to park their vehicles. Universities provide several paid parking options for junior students, senior students and faculties. The parking time and parking slots are specified by the institutions. There is a need to pay certain amount of fees ranging from minimum US$5 to maximum US$12 for one day as parking charges for a specified period of time. The charges also depend on the parking places. After the specific time, students require to pay extra charges in order to park the vehicles (Pennstate University, “Student Parking Information”). Transition: In simple words, the reason for parking fees is low availability of land. ...
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