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Math Problems 2

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Management follows a pricing policy of manufacturing cost plus 60 percent. In response to a request from Northern Cycles, LLC, the following price has been developed for an order of 300 scooters (the smallest scooter

Macroeconomics Theory

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Therefore, there will be a shift in the AD from AD1 to AD2 in slanting straight lines. ii) The inflation shock will affect the per capita because of the subsequent increase in income; thus, there will be a shift in the level of demand for products. The

Testing Money Demand Equation, Econometrics Assignment, SAS

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The present case study involves the situation in USA, and is aimed at examining the factors which affect the economy-wide demand for money. All the variables have been retrieved from the archives of New York University, in the form defined above. The data

accounting for manager

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bank has also demanded a master budget from our company in order to ensure their uninterrupted services, therefore, it would be better that we make an internal budget first, before drafting a final master budget. The reason for emphasizing the formation of an internal budget is

write problem set

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The firm depends more on labor in total production than capital. Thus capital stock is less elastic than labor. Changes in employment are thus more elastic than capital stock movement. The isocost line A shows the initial. When wage rate increases, the isocost line


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The food inventory value on December 31 was $45,000. Food purchased for January totaled $32,300 and the closing inventory in January was $36, 500. The per patient meal cost for January was: f. The number of meals sold per day in a food service decreases from


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If we know the individual height, then we can find the intervals for normal weight, overweight or obese based on BMI criterion. This paper will find the intervals for weights for a

Economics: Money & Financial institutions

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r outstanding shares multiplied by the share price, therefore given an example that $30 trillion shares were traded in the NYSE then this means that this is the price of shares multiplied by the total shares outstanding and therefore it is true to state that this means that the

Global warming

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Pollution from factories has led to the deterioration of the environment leading to the phenomenon known as global warming. The pollutants, from factories and car emissions, lead to global warming that is the gradual rise in

Statistics Assignment

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However, if receiving a jolt of electricity on one-occasion affects the following occasions than probability (p) will not remain

Employee relations-Japan

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as been change in the employment sector, some that may be considered to promote and improve employee relations while some act in contrary to the advantage of employees. For instance, in Japan there has been several emerging issues in relation to employee relations. These issues


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20. Equivalence of hypothesis Test and confidence Interval. Two different simple random samples are drawn from two different populations. The first sample consists of 20 people with 10 having a common attribute. The second sample consists of 2000

Analysis of Saudi Mutual Funds Regression Results

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Among the twelve benchmarks used for the performance evaluation exercise, results from the regression analysis conducted indicate that eight are statistically

Applying Counting Method

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dog cat, and goats are the same as goat, dog, and cat. Lets say we have 5 school pupils: P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5 in a race. How many ways can they pick position one, two, and three? Let’s use permutation, since the order of the position they get matters. We picked certain

Acme Company

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That indicates that the company is not in a position to meet its current obligations from its current assets. In 2012, the company had a better current ratio of 2.04. 6. The cash flow from operating activities in 2012 is $3,762 million. The

Solving Quadratic Equations

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The concept factoring indicates multiplication of two binomial expressions (“Factoring quadratics”). Step-by-step solution is shown below. In this equation b2 – 4ac is called discriminant. It is determined using three coefficients of the equation. The

Pets and health and lifestyle

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This strong bond has led to investigations which have proved that pet ownership provides for enhancement in the quality of life of individuals. Not only is it associated with improvements in physical and mental health but it also assists in the social wellbeing of an

MATH203 - Applications of Discrete Mathematics -PHASE 4 DB

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It also follows this state transition related to the initial symbol. The automation proceeds to read the symbols as it follows the transitions. This only ends when all the symbols have been read from the input. The

Conflicts between public interest and personal interest, which created by Human Rights Acts 1998 (Can the British Bill of Right handle the problem?)

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Such contradiction and incompatibility in the law demand revision to streamline all controversies in the various provisions of the law. This presentation

M & M Project

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For the TI, you will want 2-PropZTest. Then select the appropriate alternative (not equal), and Calculate then enter. The output will have the test statistic (z), p-value (p), sample p values, weighted p (), then repeat of sample sizes. To compare the


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I have always envisioned a career in Media and Communication for myself and taking this course, in addition to Sociology, would ensure that I am a step

statistics homework

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Some highlighted properties are given below: In the Bell-shaped Normal distribution (see fig.4), one standard deviation around arithmetic mean approximately covers 68%

Financial services for corporate clients ( Financial analysis + financial calculations)

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The common size income statement makes a vertical analysis by looking at each figure as a percentage of sales. Looking from the above table, we deduce that cost of sales and

Math Portifolio Matrix binomials

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We can now create general expressions for X and Y. Take, X2 and X3, it is apparent that 4 – a repeating element of the matrix X3 – is simply the equivalent of 2. Furthermore, 8, from X4, is again a product of 2 (i.e. 2). Hence, we arrive at

mat lab

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14). Thus, we input the following codes on MATLAB’s command window: The first line defines the values of x. That is, from 0 to 6*0.688 with an increment of 0.01. We are therefore defining a one dimensional array. The increment can be any number but a smaller

Businses Finance

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Since the expected rate of return for both the assets are equal therefore it does not matter whether we use standard deviation or coefficient of variation method to find the risk of the asset. The practical method of finding these variables quite differs from the theoretical

Is there a relation between foot size and height

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Fashion designers are also able to match their clothing designs to fit persons with different body measurements. Studies in human migration and movements also make of anthropometric (measures of human

Critical Thinking 2

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This means increased supply of the commodity will significantly reduce the price of the commodity, in-turn reducing the farmer’s income. Furthermore, the income of the farmers can reduce in relation to incomes in other

Financial questions and calculations

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f) Proposals for the Basel 3 Accord include minimum capital requirements. By January 2015, common equity Tier 1 capital (CET1 – comprising ordinary shares and retained earnings, which are the main component of Tier 1 capital) must be at least 4.5 % of risk

project 8

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The demand relationship encapsulates various concepts and parameters. This assignment studies several of them. The constituent parameters of demand and price relationship are price,

Quantitative Finance 203

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en, the kurtosis is given as 7.213>3, this implies that we have a Leptokurtic distribution, sharper than a normal distribution, with values concentrated around the mean and thicker tails. This means high probability for extreme values. In the case of Return on AUD per UKP, the

A part of presentation

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Value of co-creation and service dominant logic of marketing (Prahalad, 2002), are two labels that contain the central idea of controlling over markets. Consumers can be attained best through provision of dynamic and managed


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The labor efficiency and labor rate both show an adverse variance. The labor might have demanded a higher wage per hour due to the


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rue that the firm’s financing mix does not have any impact on the value of the company, then as an investor I can prescribe Fall to issue stock split, sell the other half to gain an amount to buy back debentures. This way, if I own 4% of the original shares, I now own

Personal Risk Management Project

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This also because of her total income and her net worth. Her cover should be above $937,500 + $ 75000 This is a policy provides the minimum coverage amount, and so Smiths family is may be treated as a family who

Quantitative Analysis for Management

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The cost in this underlying case is the prevailing costs of material, labor and overhead. The table is then modified into the one containing profits for each unit of each product Assuming that the through

solve thes problem

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Since the probability between 40 and 50 is 0.3, the same will be true for between 50 and 60, accounting for 0.6 of the probability. Less than 40 will be 0.2 probability; greater than 60 will be 0.2 probability. given this z-score, the standard normal cdf

Controller Suggestions for ABC Company

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The company also risks uneven cash flow as a result of bad weather, which slows down construction schedules. The company will experience challenges due to increases

Math Problems

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Q. 2: Crypton Electronics has a capital structure consisting of 38% common stock and 62 debts. A debt issue of $1,000 per value, 5.9% bonds that mature in 15 years and pay annual interest will sell for $980. Common stock of the firm is

Principles of MicroEconomics

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Therefore the demand curve will shift from D0 to D1. Due to increase in demand the price of butter also will start to rise. Increase in price of milk which is a

Scenario questions *3*

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It was in one such a case, to the point that an old lady required help supporting that her child was not blameworthy of the charge that was put on him.

Variance Analysis Case Study

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After accounting for work load increased, the following product lines were over budgeted: DGEST over budget increased to $2381015, NEWBORN over budget increased to 1285906, OB budget increased to

Costa Coffee

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One of the useful analytical tools that organizations, like Costa, use to evaluate internal strengths and weaknesses and match core competencies to capture external opportunities as well as

data analysis

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Each question is followed by the available options from which a teacher has to select the one which he/she feel the most appropriate to his/her situation. Q2. Do you wish to continue teaching in the same school or change the school


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7. Toni Torres wants to save $1,200 in the next two years to use as a down payment on a new car. If her bank offers her 6% interest, what monthly payment (pymt) would she need to make into an ordinary annuity to reach her goal?

Personal Financial Management

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Determine her total assets, total liabilities, net worth, total cash inflows, total cash outflows, and cash surplus (or deficit). a. She deposits $3,000 a year into her retirement account. If these funds have an average earning

Assignment 1

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25. Paul’s Grocery received 1,000 pounds of onions at $0.11 per pound. On the average, 3% of the onions will spoil before selling. Find the selling price per pound to obtain a

EPS/EBIT AND Projected Statements for Walt Disney

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The EBIT range for 2008 is between $7.725 billion and $10billion. A total of 2billion shares of common stock are outstanding. The recommended financing for Walt Disney is to raise $1 Billion through debt financing because the EPS calculated is the

Finacce for buisness

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Assume that the first payment is received today. Use a discount rate of 12%, and round your ANSWERwer to the nearest $10. 10. Ingrid Birdman can earn a nominal annual rate of return of 12%, compounded semiannually. If Ingrid made 40

Aleks Individual Practice and Coursework Quiz

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8.48 A sample of 20 pages was taken without replacement from the 1,591-page phone directory Ameritech Pages Plus Yellow Pages. On each page, the mean area devoted to display ads was measured (a display ad is a large block of multicolored illustrations,
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