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Media Audiences and Media Geography The media can be broadly classified into two main types; the traditional media and the contemporary media representing the audiences of the past and those of the present respectively. The traditional media represents the traditional ways of mass communication that were adopted by the ancient societies.


A potential representation of the traditional media is the folk media that projected the communication channels of the ancient societies. Modern media has a very different and advanced mechanism of mass communication. The mass media in the contemporary age is one of the most effective systems of life support that has pronounced effect on the global future and has the widest distribution all over the world. The contemporary age is essentially the age of information, in which the social and environmental issues continue to grow, that imparts the need of transition to a sustainable economy for every nation. “There has also been a healthful and general realization that the emphasis on “mass” audience – meaning an audience of individuals in lonely and direct contact with mass communication was never accurate” (Schramm, 1960, p. vii). The distinction between the audience of the past and the audience of the new age is imperative for the media to customize the content according to the every-changing and modifying needs of the audiences in an increasingly culturally diverse and globalized world. Media has a very strong influence on the society. Klapper (1960, p. ...
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