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Global Media & Communication

The information presented entails complete and reliable information, but the directive of the independence press states that information presented to the general public should be factual, and obtained through methodical investigation (Sarikakis, 2004, p. 90). According to Barnhurst & Nerone (2002, p. 67), the theory maintains certain limits of free media, but also puts some restrictions on what is presented to the media. For instance, in India, the press has certain obligations to the public, and they must show truth and accuracy in any information they present. The media is free, but regulated by the government. On the other hand, the Chinese administration has always kept rules on traditional and the current media rules to protect its government political wishes through the use of watchdogs. The watchdog units ensure that these principles entail strict rules placed on the media that are used to control them. They even punish the media houses that break the rules by either jailing them or shutting down the entire publication firm and their websites. ...
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Global Media & Communication Name Institution Tutor Date Global Media & Communication 1.1 Social responsibility theory The social responsibility theory allows functioning of press without any restriction, but at the same time the subject presented in the media should be valid, and the media should take any responsibility from public restriction or specialized rules or both (Sarikakis, 2004, p…
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