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Print vs. Digital Media Introduction Mass media refers to both print and digitalized communication channels that aid in disbursing information to a larger audience (s). In that case, mass media incorporates four (4) broad categories of media technologies. These include: Broadcast media, print media, outdoor media and Internet media.


Outdoor media includes the use of billboards and signs which can be placed at any outdoor spot such as buses, stadiums, schools, roads and so on. Internet media has become the major propagator of digitized information. It includes the use of internet radio, internet television, emails, blogs and websites to disburse information to audiences who have access to the internet. With that briefly defined, print media is regarded as one of the oldest and preliminary forms of mass communication as it was widely used in the earlier days (Kipphan 4). Due to the advent and improvement of technology, digital media has become one of the most popular forms of mass media, as it is viewed to be the fastest, cost effective and the easiest way of communicating to widespread audiences with fewer challenges. The rise of electronic media has reduced communication barriers such as access to information and it has also made the instant communication possible. As a result, it has enabled people to enjoy the benefits of access to information with ease and convenience. Thesis statement The essay will provide an analysis of mass media but specifically it will look into print media along with digital media in the modern day context. ...
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