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Donald Trump’s Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness Name Institution Date Donald Trump’s Leadership Style and Leadership Effectiveness Different people have different approaches to leadership, depending on their core values. As a fact, leadership defines a situation where one person accomplishes various tasks with the aid of other people.


As such, all the people working under the leader will have different tasks in accomplishing a common goal. One of the epic leaders of this century is Donald trump. Trump insists that leaders should have control of organisations they lead. However, this is not to mean leaders should be dictatorial. As a fact, trump leads through the model of personality, which depicts five leadership traits. To begin with, trump suggests that leaders should have surgency. This is where leaders have convincing power to the people they lead. A leader should influence the understanding of the people to focus on the point of view from the leader. Similarly, the leaders should ensure the people they lead have focus on the mission, vision and objectives of the organisation. Therefore, there is a need for mutual understanding of all these aspects for success. When the people they lead have a mutual understanding of the vision, mission and objectives, they are likely to conform to the desires of the leaders (Lussier and Achua, 2013). Consequentially, trump states that competitiveness is one of the traits that a leader should embrace. With competitiveness, the leader is able to mentor competitive workers. This in turn improves the competitiveness of the organisation. ...
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