Gender Stereotype in the Wrong Turn Film

Gender Stereotype in the Wrong Turn Film Essay example
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The information that the media provides may be real or unreal, but this depends on the achievements that the media wants to achieve when the audience reacts to the data.


Stereotypes are beliefs that men and women believe about the roles of each gender in the society. An example is the stereotype that men are more muscular than women. This belief causes women to underestimate their abilities and fail to take part in activities that require a lot of force (Ross and Lester 36). This gives men the chance to dominate the society in careers, courses, and activities that require extra energy. This paper will determine how the media mediates through the stereotype that men are more muscular than women in the movie The Wrong Turn, and the effects of these interventions to the society. The Wrong Turn is a horror movie that is acted in the Western Virginia Mountains. The movie begins when Chris Finn who has gotten a job in another town drives along the highway. However, Chris is prevented from using the highway by an accident that involves a trunk that has fallen across the road while transporting chemicals (Benshoff and Griffin 60). The man decides to use the route that passes through West Virginia Mountains so that he can arrive early for the interview. Chris meets five youths who were on vacation on the mountains, and they decide to find whether they can get help from anyone. The group meets cannibalistic men with disfigured faces who scare them, chase them, and feed on their flesh (Benshoff and Griffin 61). The movie continues with the cannibals eating the flesh of anyone they come across in the mountains.
The film indicates that men are more muscular than women from the beginning to the end. The first way in which the movie portrays this stereotype is the fact that the main actors who are the cannibals are men. ...
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