In what way should the UK Cap Codes (CAP/BCAP Codes) be reformed?

In what way should the UK Cap Codes (CAP/BCAP Codes) be reformed? Essay example
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[Reforms necessary in the UK CAP codes] By Insert Your Name Presented to Instructor’s Name, Course Institution Name, Location Date Due Introduction The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) is a self-regulatory body whose main function is to create and maintain the UK Codes of all the Non-broadcast Advertising, Direct Marketing communications and Sales Promotion.


The codes were launched in March 2009 in an attempt to review the entire CAP code. Through this a new UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code) was created and it was made sure that the two codes were efficient in their function and that the two were always updated to meet the changes that took place in the market and technology as well. Following the launching of the two codes, 30,000 responses were received from various organs such as the parent and children groups, consumer protection bodies which were then considered by CAP and BCAP and this later on resulted to the new versions of the codes. The codes were then enforced by the Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) which enforced them on behalf of OFCOM. ASA has the power to impose sanctions for non-compliance and this means that the two codes any legal force but work under the control of ASA. In other words the two Codes only supplement the law. However, the 12th edition of the CAP Code came to force in September 2010. In order to be able to state the reforms that I think are necessary in the CAP/BCAP it is important to understand the rules that are currently being applied in the two UK Codes. In that way it will be easy to easy to give an adjustment or if a new rule is necessary. ...
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