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persuasive text analysis paper

The use of this art has a notable effect on the public to which it is directed in that it can help to shape a group’s opinions on particular matters. One of the most important speeches in American history utilizes persuasion excellently. It is the ‘I have a dream’ speech by Martin Luther King Junior (King, 2002). King delivered this speech on August 23rd 1963, in Washington to a huge crowd of mainly African American people who had come to listen to him. This speech revolves around the injustices that the black community was continually exposed to during this period. He devised this speech as the start of a revolution against racism that was eating into the United States making the African Americans live impoverished lives (Stewart, 2003). It was a call to not only the black community, but also to the white people to embrace justice in order to ensure equality. As much as the blacks had been freed from slavery almost 100 years back, he explains, true equality between the black and the white folk had not yet been achieved. Racism was still very much a part of their lives, and this affected their living standards significantly. His main problem was mainly the inculcation of this mentality of racial superiority to the young children who did not know any better. ...
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Persuasive Text Analysis Name Institution Persuasive Text Analysis Persuasion refers to the art of convincing an audience to share your opinion on a particular matter, in most cases a controversial subject. Over the years, speakers and writers to what it is now have developed persuasion…
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