Communication: An Analysis of Personal Undestanding

Communication: An Analysis of Personal Undestanding Essay example
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Name Date Professor’s Name Course Section/# Communication: An Analysis of Personal Understanding With respect to understanding and attempting to explain models of personal communication, the issue invariably must consider a diverse array of topics outside the rather narrow definition of communications.


Accordingly, this analysis will be broken into six subsections which will be numbered accordingly and seek to answer key components of this authors communications model, the ways in which it has developed, and how a greater understanding of communications and communication theory can help in ameliorating future breakdowns in interaction with key shareholders of given topics. 1. WHAT IS YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF COMMUNICATION? THAT IS, HOW DO YOU DEFINE COMMUNICATION? With regards to how I define communication, the first and most important point is with relation to how broad a definition I give to the practice. Whereas many people will only define communication as a process of verbal origins that seeks to represent the needs, wants, and desires of a given shareholder within the constructs of a specific interaction, I believe communication to present both verbal and nonverbal responses between individuals. Although such a definition is unbelievably broad and encompasses a huge array of instances, it is one of the only ways in which people can readily come to terms with and accept all of the distinct factors and stimuli that make up the communications process. ...
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