Hotel Resorts in Orange County California

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Hotel Resorts in Orange County California Introduction The research paper is concerned with the detailed overview of functioning of hotels and resorts in the Orange County California. The county seat of Orange County is Santa Ana. The county is populated with 3,010,232 people according to the census of the year 2010 putting the county in the list of the highly populated counties in California.


The cost of living index in the county is higher than that of the national average of the United States (124.6 for the county and 100 for the US). The structure of the research paper is framed in a compact manner beginning with introducing the county’s hotels and resort bases and the services that are provided to the tourists. The report will also detail the various challenges that the county faces during its operations in California’s tourism industry. The facts that over the years have brought success to Orange County will also be proficiently dealt along with identification of its core areas of operations. On the basis of the analysis undertaken regarding operational efficiency of Orange County California, certain essential conclusions will be drawn up so as to identify business scope of the hotels and resorts segment. Along with identification of business dimensions in which the county can explore its tourism activities, the present business situations of the county in regards to providing visitors’ satisfaction will also be evaluated. ...
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