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Conclusion Summary of the Thesis For the first research question on ascertaining the main preferences in learning styles of female and male seventh- and eight-graders studying in prep schools located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who have low reading achievement scores, it was found that male seventh graders have a marked preference for multi-learning styles irregardless of their reading achievement, specifically the quad style.


Meanwhile, gender and grade level were found to have a significant relationship with reading achievement, while gender and VARK7G learning styles in turn correlated with the dependent variables. RAAF and FT scores were also found to differ greatly based on gender. Grade and gender were found to be significant factors, especially with respect to reading achievement. Meanwhile, gender and multi-single learning styles were likewise found to have a significant relationship. Gender was also found to affect FT and RAAF scores. While males were found to be affected greatly by grades and VARK7G categories, the same could not be said for their female counterparts. Their learning styles in RAAF were also less error-prone, and particular learning styles were said to be more or less effective for males than females. All in all, learning styles are said to differ not only based on one’s gender, but also on age and grade level – which is why teachers need to vary their lesson plans according to these considerations. ...
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