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How human beings attract, and get attracted by others - Term Paper Example

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How human beings attract, and get attracted by others

Introduction Humans are social animals. We are dependent on the response and appraisals we receive from others. This inextricable association between the self and others is reflected in a strong, enduring need for affiliation. Attraction is the first thing that people feel and often the first reason to start off a relationship with someone. When they experience this attraction towards another, they often become involved in a relationship; this relationship could either be of friendship or love. The further success or failure of the relationship will depend in part on the strength of this initial attraction. Attraction can be defined as a quality or feature of something or someone that evokes interest, liking, or desire. It is the basis of any relationship, and is the antonym of repulsion. We are compelled to people we like and thus bond with them in relations like friendship or love. Social psychologists have attempted to study this phenomenon between social beings. This paper examines the psychology of attraction between human beings and what determines how they are attracted to each other. In particular, the effect of similar traits, such as race, skin color, height or even last names will be examined, as well as the effect of completely different traits as a factor to attract others. The Process of Attraction People generally get attracted through social, evolutionary and biological processes. For one to get into a relationship with another it is common for him or her to be attracted to the other person first. People may get attracted to others under the circumstances of social reasons or causes as they are able to develop social harmony with these very individuals. As they develop a sense of positive response from the opposite person then the attraction will grow, with a logic that both are comfortable and have sense of familiarity with one another (Knobloch & Miller, 2008). We live in a world in which we interact with people on a daily basis. It is through these interactions and communications that might result in getting attracted to certain people. This attraction between people in terms of social psychology can be described as interpersonal attraction and is the ‘chemistry’ between two peoples that drives them towards romantic relationships, or towards platonic, friendship based relationships This is based off an essential human need which is to communicate, spend time with and affiliate with other people. Those who are unable to fulfill this need often have difficulty emotionally. This need brings people together, affects the level to which individuals like or dislike others and also keeps people within relationships even when the two partners have little in common. Interpersonal attraction is the fulfillment of the desire for meaningful partnerships that makes people happy and make them feel important. People unable to satisfy their need for belongingness are at higher risk of both physical and mental disorders, including poorer health, poorer psychological adjustment, higher rates of criminal activity, and higher incidence of suicide. A classic study on attraction was conducted in 1959 by social psychologist, Stanley Schachter. In this experiment participants were led to believe that in this experiment they have to receive a painful shock. Then, they were given a choice of waiting alone or waiting with others who were also waiting their turn to be shocked. Compared to participants in the ...Show more


Attraction in Human Relationships Student Enter the Name and Code Number University or College Name of the Professor 2nd November, 2011 Abstract Attraction is the basis of most relations and relationships that humans are involved in. These relationships can vary from platonic friendship to romance and love…
Author : laurenspencer
How human beings attract, and get attracted by others essay example
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