The Singapore Consumer Purchasing Choices Between Adidas and Nike Products

The Singapore Consumer Purchasing Choices Between Adidas and Nike Products Research Paper example
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This research paper examines the tactics used by both Nike and Adidas as well as how the marketing strategy and brand image has altered the amount of success which both companies have held in Singapore and as multinational companies.


The ability to reach a specific segment and market with a variety of products alters the success of a corporation. The concept of relating to the target market and building a strategy that offers a complete marketing technique makes a difference in how individuals respond to the product or service offered. The basis of success for any product is created from the perception of consumption which occurs. This results from purchase behaviors that are identified by a variety of factors, including social relationships, cultural affiliations and understanding of the product. It is noted that different purchasing choices occur in groups and segments of individuals that are interested in a given product. When looking at Singapore youth between the ages of 18 – 25, there is a specific set of trends and behaviors that are associated with purchases (Temasek, 2007: 3). This is not only defined by a variety of consumption patterns but also remains specific with types of products, such as sports apparel and shoe brands. An area which highlights the significance of communication toward products and results in purchase behavior is with differences in purchases of Adidas and Nike by Singapore youth. Examining this difference shows the correlation between affiliations to a product and the type of communication which is used. This research paper will examine the trends in purchases between Adidas and Nike products by Singapore youth, specifically to define purchase behaviors and how this relates to the marketing strategies and communication of a product. ...
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