The appeal in Sports media advertisement & its effect on us.

The appeal in Sports media advertisement & its effect on us. Term Paper example
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Name: Name of institution: Many sporting events have been found to draw enormous attention of sports lovers throughout the world due to their nature (Winston, 2003). As a result of this, advertising in such highly contested events requires that there should be a high degree of professionalism so as to reach the target audience.


In a modern day world, sports have been termed as one major currency and I believe it is because of the major investments that these events are accompanied with. Between 1998 and 2008 for example, various broadcasting houses were able to spend massively to ensure that they got broadcasting rights to Olympic events. In my view, this represents the economic value that sporting events and their images possess. Many market players have been for years interested in utilizing sporting events for purposes of promoting their business as evidenced by the massive payments they make to advertising agencies in such events. I can argue that this is because of the appeal that sports advertisement has on people who watch the event whether live or via television. Sports are seen by many in my opinion, to be a true reflection of the modern civilized world. Sporting events have the ability to articulate both local and international cultures while at the same time including various aesthetics. Sports form a unique tool for media advertisers because of their ability to draw large audiences through entertainment. They capture people from different cultures and therefore an ideal tool that can be utilized for purposes of advertising. The manner in which sports are structured also serves as a good ground for advertising. ...
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