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The details pertaining to impending investigation will spread through two basic ways. The means include through the hierarchy and informal social groups. Informal and formal represent the core communication avenues in any institution.


This section of the write-up will address the two communication avenues, their strengths and cons. The first communication avenue for the e impending investigations will be via the hierarchy. The above channel provides a clear bureaucratic process via which details pertaining to a certain issue reach the subjects. Hierarchical communication has multiple strengths and cons. However, scholars are exceedingly critical of this method highlighting its underlying frailties, which consequently limit its efficacy. Notably, as the information gets to lower level of commands it undergoes editing. Editing configures the message subsequently, the details, which the lowest ranking subject receive represent a minimal proportion of the intended message. Additionally, in this communication avenue details get lost in the multiple administrative levels. Visibly, horizontal, downward and upward communications constitute the hierarchical avenue. Superiors misuse this communication form by providing contradicting details. Alternatively, junior are reluctant to communicate vividly since they are cautious not to offend their bosses. Informal communication provides an alternative to the initial avenue. Informal communication is critical in societal policing. However, the information undergoes multiple alterations. At the initial stages, the information is credible. ...
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