Should the public support Freedom of the press

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Should the public support the freedom of the press? Author Institution Abstract The freedom of the press entails the right to publish or to print information without any restrictions from the government. Media companies fight for the right to be free from governmental control, in disseminating information to the public.


This essay will focus on whether the public should support the freedom of the press. More specifically, the essay will answer the question: Should the public support the freedom of the press? Introduction According to Joseph (1997), Freedom of the press is a crucial aspect, which should be safeguarded and upheld. Many countries enact laws that determine how the media should operate. Freedom of the press and the freedom of speech are two interrelated concepts. Freedom of the press implies non-interference from the state or the various organs of the state. Media house and companies may seek their freedom through legal means, which may be stated in the constitution. Governments may define which materials should not be disclosed to the public, based on how it classifies information. Some government information may be secret or sensitive; governments protect such information from exposure to the public. Cornwell (2004) states that “the universal declaration of human rights provides for freedom and rights of expression and opinion to every person” This freedom extends to the rights to air one’s opinions without interference. It also includes the right to impart information and ideas through any form of media, be it print or broadcast. However, there are legislation accompanying this viewpoint; this legislation ensures that media freedom is put under scrutiny. ...
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