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The Technique of Sampling in Music and Notions of Authorship - Essay Example

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The Technique of Sampling in Music and notions of Authorship by name of student ID Module title and number Name of Module Tutor The Technique of Sampling in Music and notions of Authorship The technique of sampling music is one that challenges our notions of ownership and authorship…

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The Technique of Sampling in Music and Notions of Authorship

The credit for having composed the piece of music that was borrowed may or may not be explicitly given to the person who had originally composed it. This technique offends the sacrosanct position that music is given in the lives of many. Issues of plagiarism arise and royalties are almost never offered to the composer of the original tune. This leads to many problems within the music industry as well. This paper shall however, focus on how this technique affects the aspects of authorship that are associated with music. The paper shall look into the history of the song called Amen Brother and the ‘Amen Break’, a portion of this song that was used in the beginning of several other genres of music. The extensive use of this song and the attitude of its author shall also form a part of the analysis in this paper that shall attempt to dissect the issues of ownership that this song and the technique of sampling destabilize. The metaphorical death of the author that Roland Barthes talks of in his essay, The Death of the Author is one that can be seen in the extensive use of the technique of sampling in the music of today. A particular portion of a song may be used in another as a part of it. ...
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