Coursework sample - How popular music is used to express the artists' view of contemporary society in "Black Eyed Peas- Where is the love"

How popular music is used to express the artists
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How popular music is used to express the artists’ views of contemporary society in "Black Eyed Peas- Where is the love" music text. Name Professor Institution Course Date 1. Source “Where is the love” text is a song by an American Hip-Hop crew constituting of four performers (Miller, 2004, p…


The quartet’s first unveiling song was “Where is the love”,  which become a lead song globally and gave its audience the necessary confidence that is evident to date (Miller, 2004, p. 9). Since then, they continued to dominate world rankings with their diverse compositions besides selling millions internationally due to their preference from their fans. and were the first and used to perform in Los Angeles. In 1992, while presenting won the admiration of Eazy-E where Dante joined them to form Atban Klann. This was the initial title, which meant that the trio was an association past a nation they inhabited; hence, it was ready to accept other artists. Conversely, in 1995 the trio failed to release their album due to the demise of Eazy-E. However, the trio continued to evolve where its title became Black Eyed pods and finally instead of “pods” turned to be “Peas” (Miller, 2004, p. 9). In 2002, Fergie joined the trio, where her presence and expertise yielded to immense admiration of the group by a large audience. Fergie yielded to be an essential asset in the group since then to the present, where they have continued to release many songs that have won the global audience. 2. ...
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