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Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Course Code Date A. CMC: 1. Abbreviations: 1. LOL: laugh out loud 2. ROTFL: rolling on the floor laughing (a newer version is ROFL) 3. SWDYT: So What Do You Think? 4. YYSSW: Yeah Yeah Sure Sure Whatever… 5. MMYT: Mail Me Your Thoughts 6.


It is the short form or ellipsis of a word or phrase. It is also called initialisms: using the initials of the words and compressing it into short form, such as in the word LOL taking L from ‘laughing’, O from ‘out’, and L from ‘loud’. 2. Abbreviations: 1. f2t? : free to talk 2. cul8r: see you later 3. Ruok? = Are you ok? 4. Xlnt! = excellent 5. 2day: today 6. B4: before 7. thN: then/than The word formation process used here is pseudo-acronym. These appear as acronym or abbreviation but they actually are not and they do not stand for anything. They are used because, when pronounced as intended, they resemble the sounds of other words. They are words or initials used to give the sound of an entire word or phrase. Such as the words given above: Before = b4. B. Frames: In the excerpt, the main structuring frame is the semantic frame, it is a coherent structure of concepts; a word, idea or a concept cannot give meaning unless all elements of the structure are present (Gelbukh 307-312). The extract is a pep talk, an encouraging speech that motivates the people and congratulates them on choosing the right option for themselves and their country. The major points of the passage were conveyed in empathic tones, choosing to use ‘we’ rather than ‘I’, it emphasizes the importance of the people and that only by standing together they can overcome obstacles. ...
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