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Godfather" Father of all Movies

The movie falls in the category of movies that are rated R; the movie received these ratings because there is tremendous amount of violence and use of adult rated language in the movie (Everson, 2005, p.109). The movie is said to be appropriate for individuals aging 17+ On Imdb, the movie has been rated 9.2/10 by those who have watched the movie and the movie stands second the list of top 250 movies of all time of Imdb (The Internet Movie Database, 2012). Godfather was aired in cinemas during 1972, the director of the movie is Francis Ford Coppola and Alber S. Rudy produced the movie. The lead role of head of the Mafia family in the movie was played by Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The movie begins with the head of the mafia family overseeing the wedding ceremony of his daughter. Micheal, the son of the head of the Mafia family just came back after fighting a war and had no intentions of helping his father and being a portion of the family business (Coppola, 1997). The business conducted by the family was to give respect and gain respect and stand against all those who tried to hurt the interest and wellbeing of the family. ...
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Godfather Name University Instructor: Course: Date Submitted: Godfather: Father Of All Movies A Must Watch For Any Generation Review Date Reviewer’s Name MPAA Rating: R Genre: Crime Release Date: 15th March, 1972 Godfather Introduction Powerful is the word that best describes the movie, as powerful were the lead characters of the movie, same degree of power was vested in the movie…
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