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Rhetorical Analysis Name University The article ‘Britain’s Olympics Whiplash’ is taken from the 9th August, 2012 edition of The New York Times. It is an opinion article written by Roger Cohen in which he takes a casually witty take on the London Olympic with regards to the hosts.


Mr. Roger Cohen is a renowned author, columnist and journalist. (A General Summary of Aristotle's Appeals . . ., n.d.). He has extensive experience in foreign correspondence and his work reflects his far-reaching credentials. Considering the writer’s authenticity and credibility, the article carries much weight and strength. However, there is a point worth consideration here. To write about Britishers’ sentiments about London Olympics, probably, is a little out of Roger Cohen spectrum of expertise. In a way, this article can be regarded as a casual, off-road piece of writing for a usually seriously-political content-writer such Roger Cohen. His role in the article is important and provides basis for the basic structure of the writing. He sets the tone as casual and light-weighted. More importantly, using his imaginative-fluency, he carefully carves the primary style to be used in the article from start to end. He uses the indirect approach whereby he creates an opposite scenario at first in the initial paragraph to introduce the main scenario of the article that worked well in the general discourse of the whole writing. Moving on to the content of the article, it is safe to say that he articulated this piece with a commendable choice of words and expression to produce an interesting read. ...
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