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Broadcasting of Science - Essay Example

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Broadcast journalism is the evaluation and gathering of information concerning the events that happen to people and the conveying of that information in a nonbiased and balanced manner. This form of journalism should fulfill the public’s entitlement for it to stay informed in a free and liberal society. …

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Broadcasting of Science

In essence, the information given only exists in a temporary media hence the audience cannot go back on the content once aired. When viewed from the scientific point of view, Britain is the third largest research contributor globally after the U.S and Japan. In addition, the United Kingdom’s economy has technology and science contribute a third to it. Overtime, broadcasting of science related issues has proven to be a tricky affair, but reporters have tremendously stridden towards the achievement of the same. Essentially, this paper will examine the differing positions regarding the creation of a balance in being effective in the reporting of science related events with a major focus on BBC news channel.
Mainly, many newsreaders and reporters tend to shy away from the broadcast of science, as it requires critical research and extensive munching of figures. A science related story is factual and not fictional therefore; it is not easy to cook figures or distort the facts. Therefore, a slight misrepresentation of the facts may lead to critic from the science fraternity, which may not be advantageous to the broadcasting company leave alone the reporter. However, if society does not get plenty of science information it becomes a scientific illiterate society. This proves highly detrimental, as the society may be unable to tackle the easiest of science related challenges due to its ill-informed state. Arguably, many scientists tend to view mass media as a not so powerful tool for conveying science related information. On the contrary, BBC stood out in Britain as its science related content was above that of the other channels. ...
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