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This report consists of the market position of the OBS in respect to its company website as part of the marketing aspect. A detailed internal analysis, including strengths and weaknesses, is provided to give the recipient with the accumulated facts that have been used as grounds to the arguments.


The methods of this conduct will be emphasized to fully fathom how the researcher reached the certain point of concluding significant remarks. The author will also give conclusions and recommendations concerning the internal analysis that has been made. Background Heeding the call of a renewed and integrated marketing of products and services, the development of technology has been done in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing. As to that, the concept of web usability has emerged in the panorama of internet-based marketing. This endeavor teaches the marketers to improve the web design to create an interface of clarity, simplicity and consistency so that users can easily get the message of the webpage (Cappel & Huang, 2007, p. 117). With these concerns, the researcher has sighted some irregularities of the OBS company website, which will be explained further. Methodology The author has visited a couple of company websites and has observed that most company websites utilized interface optimization such as using slideshow incorporated with the company’s product offerings, major events, promotions and so forth. The observation also revolves on the entire web page, specifically on web designs adopted by the company. ...
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