Effects of video games upon children and their behavior in the real life in the USA

Effects of video games upon children and their behavior in the real life in the USA Research Paper example
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Name Instructor’s Name Journalism, Mass Media and Communication 31 October 2012 Effects of Video Games upon Children and their Behavior in the Real Life in the USA 1. Introduction Video games are very popular among children, teenagers and adults. They can be played on cell phones, handheld devices, game consoles and computers…


In fact, some games can now be connected to the internet allowing the players to play with strangers online. Video games have both adverse and favorable impacts on players. However, while a few of some games have informative content, majority of them accentuate contradictory themes and promote negative behaviors. Today, computer and video gaming is a founded method of entertainment for both the young and the old. Most families in America have some kind of video equipment or a personal computer. Consequently, children grow up with the habit of spending many hours daily in front a screen of some kind which is mainly either watching videotapes or television, playing video games or using a personal computer. Balter states that “The most common pattern of play is daily, with most of the players playing between one-half and one hour per day….substantial differences have been found between light players and heavy players” (665). Heavy players spend the most amounts of hours playing video games; they also tend to avoid chores, homework and other family activities in order to preserve their level of play. Light players on the other hand, spend comparatively less amount of time playing video games. ...
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