Disparity in use of Internet in one country

Disparity in use of Internet in one country Essay example
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A REPORT ON THE INTERNET DISPARITY IN TANZANIA (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Synopsis Digital divide refers to the gap among those with steady and operational accessible digital technologies, especially the internet, with those lacking. The worldwide digital divide is a phrase frequently used to define the gap among amply and less economically developed countries, whereas at the nationwide level, there is habitually an urban-rural gap.


Usage and users of internet at the varied sites are astoundingly uniform with nevertheless a few noteworthy differences. Introduction The worldwide disparities in accessing the internet as well as other data and telecommunication technology have steered to a “digital divide” among the technological have-nots and haves (Rogers & Shukla, 2001). The digital disparity emanates from socio-economic variances between societies that in turn influence access to digital data, mostly but not entirely via the Internet. The digital disparity can be classified as national, regional or global. At the regional level, there exists an urban-rural internet disparity (Rao, 2005). Within developing nations specifically, there is a clear inclination of increased concentration of data flows to metropolitan and central regions (Mwesige, 2004). Economically deprived nations as well as rural and marginal districts in these countries tend to sink further behind within human resource growth along with in economic development and political involvement. ...
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