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non verbal communication

appearance. In this technique, I would just wear the clothes of cultures different from my own and see how this affects my experience of communication in a multicultural setting. In this paper, I have shared the results and have discussed in which experiments, this technique enhanced my ability to communicate across cultures and why. Rationale Today, we live in an increasingly multicultural and globalized world. Every day, we get to meet and socialize with people from backgrounds of many cultural varieties. Lack of foreign languages certainly hinders our ability to communicate across cultures. But at the same time, the importance of social networking across cultures in the contemporary age cannot be overstated. Be it school, office, or a restaurant, we have to encounter and communicate with people from other cultures and retreating from this is simply not an option. While verbal communication in the inter-cultural setting has been a much studied subject, the non-verbal communication in an inter-cultural setting remains a passive subject of research although it is no less important than the verbal communication. ...
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30 November 2012. The topic The feature on which I have focused my efforts in this paper is “impact of appearance on non-verbal communication in a multicultural setting”. Communication in a multicultural setting is complicated because of lack of people’s knowledge of and proficiency in foreign languages…
Author : shanonblick

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