Public Relations- Theory to pratice : portfilio of client briefs

Public Relations- Theory to pratice : portfilio of client briefs Essay example
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PR CAMPAIGN PLAN FOR FRIENDS OF THE EARTH UK 1.0 Background Friends of the Earth (FOEI) UK is a member of the Global network of environmental organizations. The common goal is not only to advocate environmental conservation but also the issue of sustainability in economic and development areas, hence the claim of the "world's largest grassroots environmental network" that works on helping address "the most urgent environmental and social issues" (FOEI UK 2012).


These are: 1.1 Make it Better An advocacy targeted towards users of smart phones. The objective is to raise awareness in regard to how tin is being used in the screens of touch phones manufactured by companies like Samsung and Apple. Consequently, the campaign seeks to pressure these companies to reveal where their tin supplies are mined. By doing so, supply chains will be revealed as well. The tin is believed to be mined in Bangka Island, Indonesia and FOEI UK stresses that these companies must be called to task about how tropical forest and coral reefs are destroyed in the area. 1.2 Clean British Energy This campaign aims to contribute to the initiatives urging the British government to shift from fossil fuels and nuclear power to sustainable and renewable energy. This campaign touches on aspects of sustainability by emphasizing the achievement of British energy independence in such transition. Specifically, it targets policymaking, particularly, seeking to influence an emergent Electricity Market Reform Plan. ...
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