The sexual objectification of women in advertising

The sexual objectification of women in advertising Essay example
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The Sexual Objectification of Women in Advertising Introduction Julia Roberts, playing the role of a modern professor in the movie "Mona Lisa Smile" will show her students a few advertisements including a garter ad. She will question them what will the future generation women viewing the ad think about them.


It is the right time for modern and liberated women to start another revolution similar to suffrage to strongly put a check to the increase of sexual objectification of women in advertising. Ads are great, in several senses. They are one amongst the rarely thriving creative fields in the society. They make us smile and forget our problems through their imaginative rosy world. But, sadly a great proportion of ad directors simply believe they can sell their product only by portraying a woman sexually. The history of this notion started way back from the days of Esquire magazine and several others like the "Play Boy" continued on their footsteps. The copy writer turned editor of the Esquire magazine initially started to feature the petty girls and the pin up models to satisfy the male ego. They were in a crucial state to produce a magazine which attracts men. They used strong sarcasm under the cover of humour against the growing women power in the late 20's. Men who lost their jobs to the ever increasing women flock, found solace in such magazines. Everything from the cooking talent of women to their housekeeping norms were strongly criticized in the Esquire (Breazael, 2003). The magazine simply represented the mainstream idea of "Why don't these women keep quiet and let men manage the world?" in every bit. Several women groups stood up strongly against them. ...
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