The organisation and its environment. Costa coffee

The organisation and its environment. Costa coffee Essay example
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Costa Coffee Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date Costa Coffee Costa coffee is a business enterprise which focuses on providing breakfast services to its target market. In the founding of this enterprise the proprietors had a hotel industry structure in mind.


Costa Coffee was founded in London in 1971 and initial operations was the supply of coffee beans to coffee shops and small scale vendors. After acquiring a formidable market, the venture was stretched to cover other operations. For many years in the coffee industry, the entrepreneurs behind Costa Coffee realized the demand of coffee beverage was more than the demand for coffee beans and berries. It is at this point that the idea of supplying drinks became more realistic. At the moment the enterprise focuses on the supply of hot drinks, particularly coffee, soft drinks and snacks. The growth of this enterprise has been significant as many branches have been launched across the globe. According to Worthington & Briton (2009) Costa Coffee has become more of a global entity that just a coffee enterprise that was launched in London. From the success story of Costa Coffee many similar companies have been resorting to the strategies applied by Costa coffee in order to achieve their goals. Costa Coffee has several aspects of both its internal and external environment. In its internal environment, operation and structural arrangement makes most of the issues faced in this particular environment. According to Turner (2003) it was hard for the enterprise to open up more than one branch. ...
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