Social media and the importance of good media relations

Social media and the importance of good media relations Essay example
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The world in the twenty first century is dominated by the presence of social media. Means of communication means have improved a lot since the last century and the media has become an intrinsic part of communication modes. The concept of media relations extend beyond print coverage.


4). The internet facility provides certain larger facilities such as “more efficient forms of communication, unprecedented access to information, and greater flexibility in work hours and locations” (Hearing & Ussery, 2012, p. 35). The usage of social modes of communications has become widespread and the maintaining proper media relations are one of the key concerns of the business houses. “In a social media driven world, the fundamentals of good media relations practice – relevance, authority, engagement and relationship – are more important than ever” (Parker, 2012). This paper intends to deal with the issue of social media and the importance of good media relations practice. Everything that one does online, more precisely, all the activities that take place “in the online environment of a social network” (Amerland, n. d., p.63) becomes a part of social media. The spectrum of social media is quite broad and includes disparate features. It comes in many forms, such as, blogs, micro-blogs, photo or video sharing sites, online publishing sites, customer reviews, social networking sites and several other user-generated contents (Wilson, 2010). People make use of the various internet based applications for sharing information and similar interests. ...
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