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In short, carrying out enquiries is the Airlines’ duty which, in this case particularly, should not be regarded as money-making procedure. Passengers should consider it as their own safety-ensuring system instead of taking it as a grudge from the Airlines side.


Humans experience conflict everyday in their personal lives and in the organizational culture. Conflict can be interpreted in two dimensions: the theorist’s perspective of the conflict and the environment where the conflict takes place. The environment may include conflict between individuals or families or nations. The conflict can also be inter-psychic in which the conscious mind and the unconscious mind conflict with each other. Thus, conflict can occur in many contexts. How the mediators interpret conflict and its resolution paves the way to their selection of an appropriate approach towards reconciliation. Sarah Netter’s article, “Was Southwest passenger too fat to fly?” (2009) describes a conflict according to the above mentioned definitions of a conflict. The main character of the incident is an Illinois man, Emery Orto, who is 6-foot 350-pounds by size. He was returning to Midway to celebrate his wife’s birthday but the Southwest Airlines refused to let him fly from Las Vegas. He was not at all ready to purchase a second ticket despite his large size. ...
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